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Recent Critical Events.

Increasing Russian tensions in Eastern Europe.

Recent Critical Events.

Recent Critical Events. Recent Events. Critical Incidents. The new balance of Politics in the Middle East. 

In this article, I analyzed the background of critical events in the last two weeks.

This article is unbiased.


  • Terror in Dohuk
  • Iraq
  • Missile Attack in Odesa Port
  • Tension is increasing
  • Domino effect and World Crisis.

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Terror in Dohuk, Iraq.

Recent Critical Events.
Recent Critical Events.

Recent Critical Events. Some agreements were made in the Iran, Russia, and Turkey meetings held in Tehran. Some countries did not like these agreements and on the same day there was an attack on the Dohuk region in the north of Iraq, it was said that this attack was carried out by Turkey, but Turkey announced that they did not attack that region. 

This attack was a reaction to the Astana meeting in Iran. Pay attention to the country that first reacted to this attack.

This was done to break the agreement between Turkey, Russia, and Iran, and such incidents will not be the last.

Missile Attack in Odessa Port

The new balance of Politics in the Middle East. An agreement was made on Ukrainian wheat in Istanbul and 12 hours later, Russia struck the grain warehouse in Ukraine, but Russia announced that there were long-range missiles in the warehouse there.

Sergey Lavrov made a statement while he was in Egypt, that Russia will no longer be limited to the East of Ukraine, it will move into the interior of Ukraine. Shortly there will be unknown attacks on tankers carrying grain that will depart from the Ukrainian port.

Tension is increasing.

Recent Critical Events. Russia is trying to separate America and Europe by using the energy and food crisis, and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said that the EU should determine a new strategy. Hungary went to Moscow and agreed with Russia on gas and oil purchases.

Russia expects EU countries to quarrel with each other with increasing inflation and the growth of the energy crisis in the autumn.

The new balance of Politics in the Middle East. Ukraine is a state used as a tool in this war, its purpose was to exhaust Russia and weaken it. The plan was to tire Russia out in Ukraine put embargoes on Russia and make a revolution there with a popular uprising, but this plan did not work. Russia wants to implement the same plan in Europe regarding energy and food.

Putin is waiting for Congress and Senate elections in the USA.

In America, the middle segment has regressed economically, and financial aid to Ukraine has begun to disturb the middle and lower segments across the country.

The Republicans in the US are against financial aid to Ukraine. In the USA, when the elections are approaching, we will see public protests.

Domino effect.

The new balance of Politics in the Middle East. The outcome of the war in Ukraine will affect many events.

 Many dreamy politicians in Europe say they will rebuild Ukraine, but it is not clear how they will get this financing and it is not clear how the war will end, but for now, Russia is ahead.

When winter comes, the situation in Europe and Ukraine will be more difficult.

When we look at Russia, we see that there are logistics and coordination problems, which shows that there are some communication problems in Russia. For these reasons, the Russian army lost a lot in Ukraine. r/world politics

Recent Critical Events. The USA took action to reduce Russia’s power in Africa.

The US House of Representatives decided to prevent Russia’s defense industry in Africa. Sergey Lavrov foresaw this and went on the African Tour.

World Crisis.

Recent Critical Events. In many countries of the world, people started to revolt for different reasons. In addition to this, there are riots due to high inflation in the Netherlands, Italy, Panama, Ecuador, and many regions, and this is increasing. 

The world is moving towards regional wars and conflicts, and the increasing escalation of energy and food crises is accelerating this process.

Recent Critical Events. The people of the country now feel distrust towards the state, we have entered a caustic process and this pressure will increase. Things will deepen and grow in autumn. Uncontrolled mass movements and psychological tensions will disturb the peace and gangs will increase in the cities.

These events are like a chain and they are all interconnected and the crisis is getting wider every day.

Soon Ukraine’s grain tankers will be hit and this will deepen the crisis.

NOTE: In my article that I wrote 1 month ago  I said that the executive staff of European countries would resign, and I said Italy in the first place. 

The Italian prime minister resigned. Now it’s Germany’s turn.

Recent Critical Events. The middle class in Europe declined economically, and European countries imposed a 15% restriction on energy supplied to the public. This winter will be very troublesome and this may trigger public revolts.

Get ready for October.

Election results in France: Macron lost the absolute majority, and Le Pen achieved historic success.

The new balance of Politics in the Middle East. Two months later, riots began in France, and this spread to all of Europe. Russia put the EU in a very difficult situation in terms of energy without firing a single bullet.

The unipolar world is evolving into a multipolar world and let’s see who or who will emerge from this struggle in one piece.

Researcher and Author: Kanan Heydarov.

Source: Recent Critical Events.

Data: 26.07.2022

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