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Realsview: A Geopolitical Analysis Blog by Kanan Heydarov Welcome to Realsview, where I share my expert insights on the world’s most pressing issues. I am Kanan Heydarov, a geopolitical analyst with degrees in international relations and finance. I have been studying and predicting global trends and events since 2017. Realsview is a blog for curious minds who want to understand the complexities and dynamics of the world we live in. I cover a wide range of topics, from politics and economics to military technology and geopolitics, without any bias or agenda. Subscribe to Realsview and get informed and educated on the latest news and analysis in geopolitics, politics, economics, military technology, and more. My goal is to inform and educate my readers about the complex and dynamic realities of the world we live in. I write about these issues from an independent and objective point of view, without outside influence or funding, without taking sides, and without profit motive. Legal Notice: All articles published on Realsview are the intellectual property of Kanan Heydarov. You may use them with proper attribution or a link to the source.

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