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The system in the world is blocked.

The fight for redesign.

The system in the world is blocked.

The world order is becoming more fragmented and polarised. The long-standing US-led international system is being challenged by the growing Chinese threat to the Western order, a confrontational Russia, some regional powers such as Iran, and non-state actors with greater capacity.
If a war breaks out, the question is whether it will be a nuclear or regional conflict.

This article covers the war in the Gaza region, the meeting of the leaders of Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, and France in Berlin, and the statements of Joseph Keith Kellogg Jr, a former US government official and retired lieutenant general, on Europe and NATO. It also discusses Trump’s attitude towards the EU and NATO, Germany’s concerns, and the ongoing conflicts in Gaza and Ukraine. Additionally, it mentions Poland’s concerns about Trump and Hungary’s stance towards Europe. The new balance of Politics in Europe.

The war in the Gaza region is still going on.

The system in the world is blocked.
The system in the world is blocked.

Chuck Schumer of the Democratic Party, the Senate majority representative in the United States of America, says that Benjamin Netanyahu has put his interests ahead of Israel’s interests.

There is an urgent need for early elections in Israel. Benjamin Netanyahu claims that Chuck Schumer interferes too much in Israel’s domestic politics. Demonstrations against Benjamin Netanyahu continue in front of his office and home in Israel.

Within two weeks, Benjamin Netanyahu will launch an operation in the welfare zone between Egypt and Gaza. Jordan has provided aid to Gaza with the support of the United States and Germany. According to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, António Guterres, the situation in Gaza is not a humanitarian crisis, but rather a humanitarian issue.

The leaders of Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, and France met in Berlin.

The system in the world is blocked. The leaders of Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, and France met in Berlin to discuss Ukraine. During the talks, Emmanuel Macron suggested sending troops to Ukraine and proposed that NATO troops should fight against Russia.

However, Italy and Spain objected, fearing that this could lead to World War III. The main question at hand is whether Ukraine will be able to maintain its integrity and stability or if it will be divided.

Joseph Keith Kellogg Jr, a former US government official and retired lieutenant general, made a shocking statement.

During the time when these discussions were happening, Joseph Keith Kellogg Jr. – a former US government official and retired lieutenant general from the army – made an interesting statement. Kellogg previously served as Vice President Mike Pence’s National Security Advisor and as Executive Secretary and Chief of Staff of the National Security Council in the Trump administration. He also served as acting National Security Advisor following the resignation of Michael T. Flynn. He proposed a ‘tiered alliance’ to address the issue of unequal burden-sharing among NATO countries. Under this proposal, countries that do not meet the 2 percent defense budget requirement would not receive Article 5 protection.The  new balance of Politics in Europe.

In the coming years, we may see significant changes in international organizations such as the UN and NATO.

Trump’s tough stance towards the EU and NATO.

The balance of power in the global order may shift. Currently, Donald Trump is the leading candidate for the US presidential election in November. During his campaign, he made some noteworthy statements. For example, when asked if he would protect a NATO country in the event of a Russian attack, he did not give a clear answer. Trump stated that he would not protect countries that fail to fulfill their NATO obligations. He even suggested that Russia could take advantage of this situation. In essence, he implied that Russia could attack those countries.


The system in the world is blocked. Three days ago, Elon Musk made a statement predicting that either the Republican Party will win by a large margin or America will face an uncertain future. Recently, Trump has been using harsh language in his speeches. With this sociological shift in the West, if the extreme nationalists, referred to as the right, come to power and win the elections, they may take over the European Parliament, making it difficult for the European Commission to make democratic decisions. If Trump wins the American elections, the two major global powers will be in conflict.

Germany is worried.

The new balance of Politics in Europe. Germany is experiencing great discomfort and fear due to the repercussions of the Russian leak of an audio recording of a meeting between German military officials. The officials were discussing the delivery of Taurus missiles to Ukraine, and in the recording, the German air force suggested sending long-range missiles to destroy the strategic bridge in Crimea. Putin has warned that the consequences would be terrible. According to Putin’s adviser Dugin, World War III has begun and we are currently in its first stage. The threat of extinction and nuclear war looms.

Gaze and Ukraine are now the main centers of the global war.

During a recent TV interview, French President Emmanuel Macron stated that the war has now reached European soil. The system in the world is blocked.
He highlighted the proximity of Strasbourg and Lviv, which are less than 1500 kilometers apart. Macron described Russia as a rival and warned that if they were to win the war, Europe’s credibility would be severely damaged. He also expressed concern that a Moscow victory would threaten European safety. Macron has one goal to ensure that Russia does not win the war. They are now our adversary.

France has allied with Britain and brought Germany along. Recently, a leaked report from the French army stated that Ukraine could not win, no matter how much help they received. This report angered Emmanuel Macron.


An MP from the British parliament has stated that Emmanuel Macron must be out of his mind. According to the MP, France has even lost in Burkina Faso. The MP believes that there is no other explanation for Macron to defy Russia and declare war.

Putin’s success in Ukraine hinges on Europe’s stance towards Russia. The US presidential elections may also have some impact. If Trump wins, Putin could further advance in Ukraine.

Poland’s concern about Trump.

Last year’s elections saw a change of power in Poland.
The Law and Justice Party (PiS) ruled Poland for eight years with a conservative and nationalist policy that distanced the country from Europe. However, last year, their rule came to an end. Donald Tusk became the Prime Minister and worked towards integrating Poland into the EU. Tusk had previously served as prime minister from 2007 to 2014.
Tusk served as President of the European Council from 2014 to 2019.

Throughout his tenure as Prime Minister and President of the Council, Tusk’s anti-US stance was evident.
As an example, during his time as President of the Council, Tusk stated that the EU’s biggest challenge was likely to be US President Donald Trump.


Donald Tusk, the President of the European Council, stated that Trump represents the biggest challenge for Europe. He expressed his concern about the possibility of the European Union breaking up and the impact it would have.

He recalled that Trump welcomed the UK’s decision to leave, called the EU an enemy in trade, and questioned the value of NATO, the transatlantic defense alliance, which he described as one of the biggest threats to the EU.
Speaking to the German weekly magazine Die Zeit, Tusk said: This is the first time in history that we have seen an American president so openly hostile to Europe.


Europe must take a greater interest in its security. Leaving Europe’s security solely to the goodwill and defense will of the United States will lead to disaster. The new balance of Politics in Europe

Donald Tusk reacted sharply to the Republicans in the United States watering down the aid to Ukraine.
Donald Tusk, who has just completed a year in office, recalled ambassadors from 50 countries.
The pro-US names were replaced with completely pro-EU diplomats.
Recently, there has been an increase in sabotage. Specifically, the internet cables passing under the Red Sea in Yemen were cut, and now the cables going to Russia may be targeted.

What is Hungary attempting to achieve?

The new balance of Politics in Europe. Hungary claims that taking over Brussels is necessary for Hungary’s freedom to continue. Hungary believes that the right wing must win the majority in the European Parliament elections.

Let’s look at why.


1. Hungary’s Political Situation.
The incumbent Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and his party Fidesz have a strong grip on power. Fidesz achieved a decisive victory in the 2022 Hungarian parliamentary elections, winning 135 out of 199 seats in the National Assembly, maintaining its supermajority of two-thirds.
Fidesz’s dominance aligns with right-wing policies and attitudes that emphasize national sovereignty, conservative values, and a strong stance against immigration. The new balance of Politics in Europe.

2. These parties are hoping to gain more influence in the European Parliament.
The European Parliament elections are crucial for shaping the EU’s legislative agenda. Voters in member states elect representatives to the European Parliament, which plays an important role in decision-making.
Hungary’s desire to influence EU policies in favor of its national interests is reflected in the call for a majority of right-wing parties.

3. The universal desire for peace and stability is reflected in the phrase ‘We don’t want war, we want peace.’
Despite geopolitical tensions, such as the Russia-Ukraine conflict, citizens worldwide share this sentiment. Ordinary people, including Russians, hope for peaceful solutions. The new balance of Politics in Europe.

4. Defending national interests while maintaining international cooperation is a delicate balance. Leaders must consider both local sentiments and global realities when facing the challenge of complex geopolitics.
Hungary’s call for the dominance of the right in the European Parliament reflects its political priorities.


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International Relations, Threat, and Geopolitics Analyst: Kanan Heydarov
Subject: The system in the world is blocked.
Data 21.03.2024

The system in the world is blocked.

The fight for redesign.

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