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One step into Controlled Chaos.

Increasing Russian tensions in Eastern Europe.

One step into Controlled Chaos.

Controlled Chaos. Controlled Chaos is near.

This article is unbiased.

In this article, I will talk about the important events that took place last week. Topics: The tension between China and the USA in Taiwan and the first step of the Balkan Spring in the Balkans. The new balance of Politics in the Asia Pacific. 

One step into Controlled Chaos.

One step into Controlled Chaos.
One step into Controlled Chaos.

One step into Controlled Chaos. Three regions in the world have hot collision potential. These are the Asia Pacific, the Eastern Mediterranean, and the Balkans. 
The regional war, which started with Ukraine and Russia in the first stage, started to rise between Taiwan and China. Last night, the first step of the Balkan Spring in the Balkans was realized through Serbia and Kosovo.
A war that will start in the Balkans will affect all of Eastern Europe and this will reshape Europe. Even though the events have been postponed for a month as a result of the tension, the second step will come.

Controlled Chaos. Tensions between Greece and Turkey continue to increase. During Germany’s visit to Turkey, she said that Turkey is an important partner for us and that the problem between Greece and Turkey should be resolved through peaceful dialogue. But we will see how effective this will be soon.
There is a possibility of opening a US base in Cyprus. 

One last step in the war between China and the USA.

One step into Controlled Chaos. There was an online meeting between Joe Biden and Xi Jinping, and in that meeting, Xi Jinping asked Biden to adhere to the one-China policy of the United States, otherwise, he said that playing with fire would burn him. He openly threatened the United States. Taiwan is already a country that is not recognized as a state. In 1971, due to the changing world balance, the Republic of China (Taiwan) was removed from the United Nations, and the PRC was included instead. In China, he says Taiwan is part of China. 

From a military point of view, China has two and a half million active soldiers, and if there is a mobilization with 33 million inactive soldiers, a fully equipped Chinese army of around one hundred million will appear before us.
If the USA goes to war with China, it will be in a very difficult situation and there is also the economic aspect of it, which will be disastrous for the USA.
From a military and economic point of view, China is stronger than the USA.
China is showing its readiness for war by starting military exercises.

The new balance of Politics in the Asia Pacific. The US aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan was headed for the China Sea. China has weapons that can easily sink this ship. China said that if Nancy Pelosi’s plane violates China’s border and enters Taiwan, we will shoot down that plane with a rocket. 
If the US goes to war with China, this war will turn into the 3rd world war.

The US is trying to limit China by supporting Taiwan in the Asia Pacific and cooperating with Japan, Australia, South Korea, and Malaysia.
Nancy Pelosi has now started to visit Singapore, Indonesia, and Japan in Asia and announced that she will go to Taiwan. This explanation is the main reason for the tension.

China is preparing to declare that it is the hegemonic power in the world, and the source of this self-confidence is the failure of the USA and the EU to prevent Russia in Ukraine. For this reason, he said that China will take back Taiwan peacefully by 2023. The US said to China that if China intervenes militarily in Taiwan, the US army will defend Taiwan. 

Domestic problems continue to increase in China.

As a result of the bankruptcy of 12 banks in China, people could not get their money back and lost 10 billion dollars in total. To solve this problem, China directs the perception to Taiwan’s tension. China can intervene in Taiwan between September and October.
Just as China supported Russia, Russia will also support China.
In the coming days, there will be activity in Iran Israel, Greece Turkey, Serbia Kosovo, China Taiwan, and these regions. 
Disputes arose between Russia and Israel on some important issues.

The next 3 months will be very active.
Let’s see who will eat the biggest part of the cake.

Researcher and Writer: Kanan Heydarov.
Resource: One step into Controlled Chaos.
Data: 1.08.2022

One step into Controlled Chaos.

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