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Astana summit and background.

Increasing Russian tensions in Eastern Europe.

Astana summit and background.

Astana summit. Astana summit plan.

In this article, I will talk about the topics discussed at the Astana summit, the planned operation against Iran, and the situation in the EU. This is an impartial article. 


  • There may be a limited attack on Iran.
  • What was discussed in the Astana talks in Iran?
  • Let’s look at Europe.


There may be a limited attack on Iran.

Astana summit and background.
Astana summit and background.

Astana summit and background. Joe Biden told the Israeli prime minister that if the Iranian nuclear negotiations in Geneva fail, if Iran produces nuclear weapons, the US national power will be on the side of Israel and we will use it against Iran.
Israel held two military exercises in June, these were preparations against Iran. He allocated two and a half billion dollars for the possible intervention of Israel in Iran.

Astana summit and background. The US central command said that together with Israel, they have calculated all options for intervening in Iran. The purpose of this intervention would be to destroy Iran’s nuclear infrastructure.
Joe Biden’s negotiations with Saudi Arabia for the planned operation against Iran were inconclusive.
Mohammed Bin Salman did not reconcile with Joe Biden on anything, and Joe Biden returned to America empty-handed. 
Mohammed Bin Salman responded to Joe Biden by doubling his oil purchases from Russia.

What was discussed in the Astana talks in Iran?

Astana summit and background. The Astana conference in Iran was held after Joe Biden’s Middle East talks. Important issues were discussed in the Astana meeting in Iran, which was a message to the USA and Israel. 
At the meeting in Tehran, Iran’s foreign minister said that Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Iran should act together for regional peace.
Iran is aware of the increasing threats and knows that it is necessary to solve regional problems by talking. Russia invested 40 billion dollars in Iran.

Astana summit and background. During the meeting in Tehran, it was aimed at completely removing the US from the Middle East. Turkey emphasized that the armed organizations in the Middle East, especially in Iraq, should be cleared first. Turkey will soon start an operation against Surya and Russia did not oppose this operation. Even if Iran opposes it at first, it will accept it. Turkey is expanding its cooperation with the neighboring states and this will make the region stable in the future.
The US began to lose control of the Middle East to a large extent and US domestic problems are on the rise. 

In the USA, the FED increased the interest rate and strengthened the dollar, but it is not clear how they will save the USA, which will enter a recession. The head of the IMF said that much more difficult days await us in the future.
A single move of Putin left Europe in a difficult situation. The sanctions against Russia only made Russia stronger and richer.

Let’s look at Europe.

The new balance of Politics in the Middle East. There are problems with Russia in the east of Europe and soon there will be a conflict between Turkey and Greece in the south of the EU.
This means an unstable Europe shortly. We will see great chaos in the EU in the autumn, with uprisings in many countries, and in addition to this, we will see the resignation of state officials in these two countries, which will be very critical for Europe after October and September, especially for Germany and Italy.

Astana summit and background. Many Nation-states will be in a difficult situation. In his interview, the German chancellor said that Germany will be in a difficult situation after 2 months because it is dependent on Russia in terms of energy. Russia is reducing the energy going to the EU day by day and will eventually stop it. The winner is clear, but it will be clearer in the Autumn.
Turkey is forming a grand plan with its partners in the Middle East, and this plan may not be good for the dominance of the west. He who controls energy controls your world, who controls food controls humanity. 

We will see many bank failures due to the Economic Crisis. There are riots in China and 12 banks collapsed, people can’t get their money The Chinese state says it’s a hack attack.
Watch out for the Balkans.

Researcher and Writer: Kanan Heydarov.
Resource: Astana summit and background.


Astana summit and background.

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