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Biden’s Middle East expedition.

Increasing Russian tensions in Eastern Europe.

Biden’s Middle East expedition.

Biden’s Middle East tour. Biden’s Middle East meeting.

This article was written to evaluate the critical events that occur today and is an impartial article.

In this article, I will talk about Biden’s meetings in the Middle East and the crisis that started and this is developing in Europe. 

Joe Biden’s expedition to the Middle East and the crisis in Europe.

Biden’s Middle East expedition.

Biden's Middle East expedition.
Biden’s Middle East expedition.

Joe Biden’s expedition to the Middle East and the crisis in Europe.

Biden’s Middle East expedition. China’s agreements with the Middle East countries disturbed the USA, especially China’s port construction project with the United Arab Emirates and the ballistic rocket production agreement with Saudi Arabia. 

There was talk of Saudi Arabia selling oil to China in yuan, and S400 talks with Russia.

Joe Biden wanted to establish a NATO-like formation in the Middle East by enlarging Saudi Arabian relations with Israel, but Mohammed bin Salman did not take Joe Biden seriously and did not trust America, we see this in the policies implemented by Bin Selman.

Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister emphasized that there would be no Arab NATO.

The new balance of Politics in the Middle East. If Arabian NATO were to be established in the Middle East, its mission was to contain Iran and curb Chinese expansion, but Joe Biden’s plan did not work.

Iran and Saudi Arabia have met six times so far and they are normalizing relations. Middle Eastern countries have started to work in coordination among themselves, and they are solving problems by talking. 

Joe Biden made a statement that Saudi Arabia agreed to increase oil production to 13 million barrels per day, but then Saudi Arabia made a statement saying that we did not do this at Joe Biden’s request. Saudi Arabia had previously announced that it would increase oil production, and the arrival of Joe Biden did not change anything. 

Joe Biden’s meeting with Saudi Arabia was unsuccessful, and at the same time, Joe Biden’s view in other Middle Eastern countries did not yield the desired results. When Mohammed bin Salman spoke with Joe Biden, he talked about the US operations in Iraq and the Middle East. This was the first time one Arabic country spoke like this with the President of the USA. 

Biden’s Middle East expedition. It means that we won’t longer do whatever the United States says and we will act in line with our strategic interests. Joe Biden returned empty-handed from his Middle East tour.

Mohammed bin Salman was the winner of the meeting in Saudi Arabia. Joe Biden supported Bin Selman’s vision 2032 project and left.

Panic and troubles began in Europe.

Europe was focused on energy from the Middle East. They thought that Joe Biden would succeed, but they didn’t. There is a growing energy crisis in Europe. In September and October, the energy crisis in Europe will reach a critical level. Italy and especially the German industry are in a very difficult situation.

There are problems with Russia in the East of Europe and the south of Europe, there will be a confrontation between Turkey and Greece shortly. We see this when we watch the military activities of Greece on the land and sea border with Turkey and this will put Europe in a more difficult situation. It’s like some power is trying to divide Europe. 

Biden’s Middle East expedition. European energy security and energy deficit can only be solved through Turkey. The European Union knows this and they will see it more clearly in the  Autumn. There are disagreements and struggles deep in Europe. We see that Russia has gained from this war. The sanctions imposed by Europe have left Europe in a difficult situation. In his debut 4 weeks ago, Putin said that the real war begins now. Putin also cut off the gas going to Europe.

Germany started to use the gas in stock.

The Russian Ruble has gained a lot of strength in the last 3 months. Russia has gained a lot by selling its energy to Asia, and thanks to the cooperation between Turkey and Russia, Turkey will not experience an energy crisis. But life will be very difficult for Europe, life will stop in the EU after autumn.

Biden’s Middle East expedition. Bankruptcies will follow one after another in Europe. The world will enter a Recession. Speaking, a single sanction of Putin collapsed the whole of Europe. The German Chancellor said in an interview yesterday that Germany will be in a difficult situation after 2 months. We see that the EU came out of the struggle to overthrow Russia with great loss. We have seen by experience how the struggle of Europe dependent on Russia for energy with Russia resulted. 

The USA and Europe will face each other shortly.

When we look at Italy, we see that it is officially in crisis.

After October and September, we will see the resignation of state officials in Germany and Italy. Let’s see who will gain from this process and it will come out in one piece. 

The new balance of Politics in the Middle East. Two months later, riots began in France, and this spread to all of the European Union. Russia put the European Union in a very difficult situation in terms of energy without firing a single bullet. In short, this will have a Domino effect, and many companies and organizations in Europe will go bankrupt. All this will happen in the fall. 

The cooperation of China and Russia is creating a new world. Russia was 3-4 times more profitable economically from this war.

Turkey is taking steady steps.

Biden’s Middle East expedition. When we look at Turkey, we see a strategy Turkey The strategic meetings and agreements it has successfully carried out with the Turkish Union organization it has established and with the Middle East countries draw a strong Turkey algorithm in the future.

Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Turkey, which are the leading countries in the Middle East, can act together by determining a common strategy shortly. 

In another article, I will explain the background of the meetings of Russia, Turkey, and Iran in Iran.

Researcher and Author: Kanan Heydarov.

Resource: Biden’s Middle East expedition.


Biden’s Middle East expedition.

Power Struggle.

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