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Critical Developments.

Increasing Russian tensions in Eastern Europe.

Critical Developments.

Important News.Important Developments.

This article was written to evaluate the critical events that occur today and is an impartial article.

Let’s take a brief look at the world.

Critical Developments.

Critical Developments. Take the map in front of you and divide the world into four parts.
USA – Europe – China – Russia, Here is the fight on this axis.
The US dollar has appreciated in recent years and the currencies of other countries began to depreciate against the dollar.

We are one step closer to chaos.

Critical Developments.
Critical Developments.

A major recession will begin in Europe after 3 months, an energy crisis will arise in Europe in winter, and some countries in Europe will provide energy and food to their citizens through the rationing system. For the first time in Europe, the Carnet system will be implemented in Germany. There is a great deal of repression against Farmers in the Netherlands and Dutch farmers are protesting. Crises are increasing in Italy and Portugal and especially in Italy, there are hard times.
Shortly, the unity of the EU will be questioned because of the possible crises in Europe. There will be fights within the EU.

Critical Developments. When we look at the EU and the USA, they are trying to solve the increasing problems within themselves.
A few days ago there was terror in Denmark.
Germany and England compete in Denmark, when we look at history, there was always a struggle between Germany, France, and England.
Britain does not want France and Germany to come together. The energy shortage has severely damaged German Industry, and Germany is internally losing power.

Resignation of Boris Johnson.

Critical Developments. The Ukrainian mission given to Boris Johnson failed, and Boris Johnson was forced to resign.
Boris Johnson finally made his debut. You have to get blood on your hands to get rid of me.
During the NATO summit in Madrid, Boris Johnson was standing in front of the cameras and said that it was his dream to replace the European Union with a new and modern Roman Empire, and Turkey was vital in this formation.

Critical Developments. The oil and energy crisis in England is growing, inflation has risen and expenditures have increased. In the future, Boris Johnson may be prosecuted for causing a political crisis. The new incoming government will blame Boris Johnson. After October, all of Europe will go through hard days, people will revolt because of rising inflation and the energy and food crisis.
A Russian general said we would retake Alaska from the United States, and then Putin declared that Russia was ready for war.

The great reset is happening systematically, first a pandemic phase, then inflation, energy, and food shortages, and finally controlled chaos. The world is getting closer to chaos every day. A great war is at hand, the last 3 months will be very critical. Now we are going through extremely critical months, possible global chaos will affect around 70 countries and hundreds of millions of people will start to migrate from Africa to Europe due to famine.
Irregular migration is very dangerous and cannot be prevented.

Let’s look at the Middle East.

The new balance of Politics in Europe. When we look at the Middle East, which is a rising and stronger Turkey, many countries came to Turkey and made important agreements, the most important of which was Saudi Arabia. Other Arab countries continue their negotiations and make agreements with Turkey. Russia and Iran are in close cooperation with Turkey.

Europe’s energy problem can only be solved through Turkey. Europe also knows this. We saw that Turkey emerged victorious at the NATO meeting in Spain.
Turkey will soon launch a clean-up operation in Surya and no state opposes it, except the United States.
The policy implemented by Turkey brings a strategic advantage to Turkey.
Turkey is in a very large structure and we see that this structuring is progressing flawlessly.
Shortly, Europe will be divided into two regions, East and West.
England was the first to see that Europe would be divided and foresaw to establishment of the European community of nations.
Turkey has different plans for Eastern Europe, especially Hungary and Poland.

Researcher and Writer: Kanan Heydarov
Resource: Critical Developments.

Critical Developments.

Controlled Chaos.

Critical Developments.

Global Economic Crisis.

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