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Controlled Chaos.

Increasing Russian tensions in Eastern Europe.

Controlled Chaos.

Chaos Near. Controlled Change.

This article was written to evaluate the critical events that occur today and is an impartial article.

Controlled Chaos.

Controlled Chaos.
Controlled Chaos.

Controlled Chaos. NATO made important decisions in its meeting in Madrid. He identified Russia as the enemy, and China as the opponent.

Controlled Chaos. Russia was an unwanted state in the world by the West, the first stage was the disintegration of the Soviets, and the second stage would be the division of Russia and the emergence of small republics.
NATO started to increase its military power against Russia and announced that it would increase its emergency troops from 40 thousand to 300,000. This does not mean that NATO will fight with Russia, we cannot fight against a country with nuclear weapons, Putin also made a statement that if there is a war, we will hit London with nuclear weapons first.

There are big problems in Europe, especially irregular migration from Ukraine creates problems in Europe. The war in Ukraine will continue for a while. NATO has announced that it will give Ukraine new modern weapons, which will allow Ukraine to resist Russia for a while. Ukraine has lost the east of the country, but it can defend other regions.

Western states foresee a popular uprising in Russia by increasing the embargoes imposed on Russia, but the probability of this happening is very low. The war in Ukraine and the arming of Ukraine will be the end of Ukraine. With this move, nothing will be left of Ukraine. Volodymyr Zelensky may flee the country in the future, if not now, because of the country’s fallen position. Russia is slowly progressing with certain steps in Ukraine.
Ukraine was not chosen randomly as a satellite state.
The project started to be prepared in 2014.

The US and England are besieging Russia

The new balance of Politics in Europe. The USA and England are besieging Russia in the Baltic via Finland and Sweden, and from the Black Sea via Turkey. This situation will create tension between Turkey and Russia.
A struggle will be waged with Russia over Sweden and Finland regarding the underground resources in the Arctic.

Ukraine was divided over geopolitical wars and in the future, the western part of Ukraine will be united with Poland. Poland and Ukraine signed an agreement with Poland on the western part of Ukraine in the past. Most likely, Poland will grow and rise in the future, and when we look at history, the Poles used to say that the west of Ukraine belongs to Poland.
Putin has announced that he will freeze Western assets in Russia.
The food and energy crisis continues to grow. Energy crises have started to occur in Europe. Russia will most likely cut off its relations with the West.

Turkey is a critically important country for the EU. A Turkey with valuable boron and thorium and underground resources such as Gas and Oil helps to close the EU energy deficit in the long run. Energy lines from Arab countries and Israel will pass through Turkey and go to the EU.
Biden will travel to Saudi Arabia to attend the Gulf Cooperation Organization conference and will ask them to increase oil production and take a stand against Russia, but Biden is likely to fail in this plan. If the energy crisis in Europe is not resolved, we will see popular uprisings in Europe when winter comes.

Due to the rising inflation and food and energy prices, the people are in trouble, and the irregular migrations from Ukraine and Africa in the future will create many problems in Europe in every respect.
Due to the intense immigration from Ukraine, some EU countries began to experience difficulties.
The world is being reshaped by a controlled Chaos.

Researcher and Writer: Kanan Heydarov

Resource: Controlled Chaos.



Controlled Chaos.

The World Is Reshaping.

Controlled Chaos.

Critical Developments.

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