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Recent Critical Events.

Increasing Russian tensions in Eastern Europe.

Recent Critical Events.

Critical Events. Recent Events.

Let’s see what’s going on in the world.
This article is unbiased.
Subject headings.

  • Overview
  • Problems are growing in Europe.
  • Bidet’s OPEC call.
  • İran’s kamikaze drones.
  • Putin wants to make Turkey an energy hub.
  • Trump responded.


The global struggle continues. When we take the map in front of us and look at it, it is possible to see many intertwined problems.
There has been an incredible bond between countries around the world. Many different forms of integration emerged. This needs to change.

Recent Critical Events.
Recent Critical Events.

Recent Critical Events. The financial sector is about to collapse. This is also true for the real economy and global supply chains. And now there is a geopolitical reality. Two blocks are formed. We will see greater economic integration within these blocs. At the same time, the two blocks will move away from each other. Look at the issue of sanctions against Russia. 35 countries did not support the sanctions. This is almost half of the world’s population.

It began to overuse the American superpower. The use of the US economy and fiscal policy as a weapon has completely changed the balance and taken a new shape. We see this in every field.
Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the USA has been using Russia to control Europe. The steps taken by the Kremlin have strategic depth and meaning. The winner of this global game is the USA for now.

Problems are growing in Europe.

Unfortunately, recent developments have greatly shaken the idea of European sovereignty at the geopolitical level. The idea that Europe could be a third power collapsed. This is what we’re seeing right now.
The idea of Europe as the third pole of power between the United States and China was a great hope but was crushed. Europe wanted to offer alternatives, for example in terms of security policy, financial markets, payment systems, business models, or currency, but it did not happen.

The new balance of Politics in Europe. However, the Europeans had no choice but to side with the United States, albeit solely for military reasons. Public revolts continued to increase in France and gasoline problems began to be experienced. In France, there were fights between the public and the police.
Belgium has decided to impose a crisis tax on energy companies.
Fear of finance began in Europe. The US Fed sent 3.1 billion dollars to Switzerland.

Recent Critical Events. Thierry Mariani, a French MP in the European Parliament, said the US is using Ukraine to increase its control in Europe. The French economy minister said that Europe’s energy security should not fall into the hands of the USA. As soon as Russia started to reduce the EU gas supply, the USA started to sell 4 times more expensive LNG to Europe.
Manufacturing companies in Germany have started to shrink and there is talk of recession.

Biden’s OPEC call.

Biden has asked OPEC to increase oil production, while OPEC has announced that it will reduce oil production. Joe Biden gave a strong warning against OPEC and then came the statement from the White House and said that we will evaluate what we will do against Saudi Arabia.

Recent Critical Events. This means that an uprising, a coup attempt in Saudi Arabia, or the Houthis in Yemen may launch a rocket attack on the Aramco oil company in Saudi Arabia. It could be an armed drone attack, just like a few years ago. Saudi Arabia then negotiated with Iran.
Because the Houthis in Yemen are under Iranian control.

İran’s kamikaze drones.

Russia attacked Ukraine with war kamikaze drones it bought from Iran, and this changed the course of the war.
Now Russia has bought close to 2500 kamikaze drones from Iran and will use them in Ukraine.
At the same time, Russia bought two different ballistic rockets from Iran. Iran is one of the 10 countries capable of producing ballistic rockets.

If you look at the specs of Iran’s kamikaze drone, it has a 35kg detonator, and interestingly, Ukraine has captured and studied one of these drones. At the time of the review, it was learned that the internal technology of these drones was obtained from the USA, EU, and Japan. So Iran managed to violate the embargo somehow.

Putin wants to make Turkey an energy hub.

Recent Critical Events. Russia struck and got what it wanted. While Moscow, which annexed 4 regions, was willing to reduce the tone of the war, the Kerch Bridge was blown up. A force stepped in and the tension rose. As a result, oil and gas prices rose. In the past month, an explosion occurred in the Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 pipelines.

The new balance of Politics in Europe. There is a leak in the Poland Druzhba pipeline. After the sabotage in North Streams 1 and 2, it was time for the Druzhba gas pipeline. A mind sabotaged the power line from Russia to Europe.

Russia announced that they prevented the sabotage against the Turkish gas line and arrested the saboteur. We will see similar events occur in the southeast of Asia.
Russia announced that it could send gas and oil to Europe via Turkey, and this disturbed some global powers. Russia wants to turn Turkey into an energy distribution center.

The new balance of Politics in Europe. This will greatly increase Turkey’s power in the region. If this happens, Turkey and Russia will be stronger and Europe’s energy needs will be met, but this will also limit the EU’s taking harsh policies and embargoes against Turkey. The reason is clear that EU energy needs will be under the control of Turkey. It is foreseen that this project will not take more than 2 years to realize.

Now Turkey needs to increase the protection of the energy pipelines passing through Turkey. The reason is sabotage. If Europe accepts the offer of Putin, the energy shortage will end and there will be no popular uprisings, and it will not grow in the economic crisis.

But France was the first country to oppose this proposal.
Gas purchased from America is 3-4 times more expensive than gas from Russia.

The rise of the US dollar puts other countries in a difficult situation.
Why is the euro falling? The USA does not want any other reserve currency in the world other than the dollar.
Asian countries have started to trade with their local currencies, which poses a risk to the dollar’s reserve currency status.

Recent Critical Events. The number of protests in European countries continues to increase and the food crisis will begin shortly. Until January, there will be many events in Europe, and as a result of these events, there may be a change of power in Germany and France. The UK will experience the same situation as the EU.

Trump responded.

Recent Critical Events. Former US President Trump is having a struggle with Biden and the power behind it. Trump has made a counter-move on this issue. When his mansion in Florida was searched, it was revealed that he kept confidential documents in his house, and he made a counter move and filed a lawsuit against CNN International from Florida.

Saying that he faced a smear campaign, Trump demanded 475 million dollars in compensation.
Trump also claimed that they are trying to prevent my presidency in 2024.

Recent Critical Events. CNN is a global media giant and is under the protection of Warner Bros. In the US, BLACKROCK, VANGUARD, and STATE STREET controlled about 90 percent of the media. In my previous article, I talked about these three formations.

The media is an important power, it can intervene and direct everything that controls the media.

Researcher and Author: Kanan Heydarov
Source: Recent Critical Events.

Data: 20.10.2022

Recent Critical Events.

Dangerous Game.


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