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Behind the scenes of critical events.

Increasing Russian tensions in Eastern Europe.

Behind the scenes of critical events. Critical events.

This article is unbiased.
In this article, I will tell you about the critical events in the world and the scenario with a high probability of happening. The new balance of Politics in Europe. 

Subject headings.

  • Russia-West tension.
  • Grain deal.
  • Last 2 months of the crisis.
  • Are countries preparing for war?
  • There will be sabotage and exposure.
  • Re-Trade.
  • US-China struggle.
  • New Deals.
  • The social credit system.
  • Possible scenarios.

Russia-West tension.

Behind the scenes of critical events.
Behind the scenes of critical events.

The new balance of Politics in Europe. In the background of the war in Ukraine, the West and Russia are fighting. This war will determine who will have more say in the new order that will be established.

A week ago, Russian defense minister Sergey Shoigu called the defense ministers of Turkey and several European states. Sergey Shoigu said that Ukraine may use chemical weapons containing radioactive substances. If this happens, the war will become global. This means that the new order will be established faster. It means that order is born from chaos. NATO is conducting its nuclear exercise, this exercise will last 13 days, and training will be given on how to use the new generation nuclear warheads produced by the USA. Without NATO, this war will not become global.

Behind the scenes of critical events. Russia is trying to reassure itself by announcing that Ukraine may use chemical weapons containing radioactive substances in Ukraine. But we do not know which side will use this chemical weapon, and if it is used, Countries will blame each other.
The more painful the war in Ukraine, the easier it will be for the war to become a global war. Someone is happy with the prolongation of the war and they want Russia to wear out. If chemical weapons are used in Ukraine, NATO will intervene directly and the USA is ready for war. A possible global war will root out all the crises in the world and reset everything.

The defense ministers of the USA, Germany, France, and England said that Ukraine would not use such a weapon. It means that if such a weapon is used, Russia will be responsible for it, so Russia will be targeted.

Grain deal.

Behind the scenes of critical events. Ukraine withdrew from the Russian grain agreement as a result of the Russian attack on the naval base on the Crimean peninsula. Putin made a statement and said that we would allow the grain to go from Ukraine to Turkey. Turkey has successfully solved yet another grain crisis. The country that secured this agreement before was Turkey.

There is a dirty game behind this attack and it has triggered and increased the food crisis in the region.
Russia announced that this attack was organized by Britain. The new balance of Politics in Europe. 

Due to the increasing food crisis and the deteriorating supply chain, riots will increase and migration will increase in Africa. We will see this in January, a big wave of migration will start from Africa to Europe. The media of the USA, France, and England began to blame Russia for the food crisis, but the cause of this food crisis was the attackers of Crimea. They risked the grain corridor. With Turkey’s successful policy, this problem has been solved for now. Western Media, on the other hand, never talks about why Russia withdrew from the grain agreement.

Last 2 months of the crisis.

Behind the scenes of critical events. Due to the deterioration of supply chains and the increasing energy crisis, inflation in Europe cannot be brought under control and continues to increase. Everyone sees Russia as the reason for this. In January we will see middle-class people revolt in Europe and the rulers will have to resign. Everything will start in November, December, and January.
In addition, the water crisis is at the door due to the drought due to the extreme heat.

Are countries preparing for war?

Serbia ordered the army to be ready. Serbia prepared the army against the developments in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo.

The new balance of Politics in Europe. China ordered the army to be ready. Japan is rapidly progressing towards becoming a nuclear power and is developing its army. Germany is rapidly revising and strengthening its armies. India is increasing its weapons capacity. Greece is rapidly arming itself. We will see if someone is preparing for a war or trying to fill the power vacuum that will arise. North Korea is constantly testing rockets.

South Korea was disturbed by North Korea’s rocket testing and warned North Korea and said we would respond. A day later, North Korea again challenged South Korea by testing multiple rockets one after the other.

There will be sabotage and exposure.

Japan has breached the oil sanctions imposed on Russia. There is a joint production Sahal oil line between Japan and Russia. Japan will soon announce that it will reach an agreement with Russia to close its energy gap. In Europe, documents showing Greece’s oil purchases from Russia in different ways are likely to emerge in the coming months. Two months ago, a Japanese media agency revealed that Greek oil tankers transferred the oil from the Russian oil tankers, but this issue was not publicized much in the media. This year will be one full of sabotage and exposure. After the sabotage, there will be disclosures about the secret agreements of the countries or the events they have done.


Germany went to China to negotiate trade with China. France and other EU countries will also go to China to trade with China again. Otherwise, inflation will increase more in Europe. China will not intervene in Taiwan, seeing the chaos in the world now. First of all, China will try to divide the Atlantic bloc. The USA, on the other hand, is struggling to stop China in every field.

The new balance of Politics in Europe. Europe has suffered the most from the current situation, and two months later it will experience even more difficult days. The situation in the Balkans is not stable at all, which means that there may be tension in the Balkans in the future, and this creates a big problem for the EU. In the future, people around the world may initiate anti-war protests. The peoples of the world are tired of war and there can be public protests for peace.

US-China struggle.

The struggle between China and the USA continues in the field of technology. The USA started to work on a decision to ban TikTok. He quarantined the region where the iPhone was produced in China. This caused problems in production. The struggle between China and the USA is a struggle for who will set the rules of the fourth industrial revolution.

New Deals.

The new balance of Politics in Europe. After the congress elections in the USA and after the mass popular uprisings in Europe, they will sit at the table with Russia. After the 2024 US elections are won by the Republicans, they will sit at the table and agree with Russia. Meanwhile, Biden’s illness is getting more serious and this is being published in the world media, most likely after February, Kamala Harris will rule the country until the 2024 elections. In the Washington Post, corner articles began to appear that some congressmen were uncomfortable with Bide’s situation.

UK’s Commonwealth of Nations.

Australia has a plan to leave the English Commonwealth of Nations. Australia aims to become a fully independent country in 2023.

The social credit system.

The social credit system in China will be implemented all over the world, so it will be easier to control people. Many restrictions will be imposed on people with low scores, which will create a good and bad citizen category. Good citizens will score high and be rewarded, and live more comfortably, but bad citizens with low scores will be penalized. This order will be maintained with face recognition systems and chip technology. This will create a safer and more disciplined environment in the world.

The new balance of Politics in Europe. People will live in safety. These chips will be placed under the skin of people’s wrists and will have many functions. You will no longer have to carry a passport or credit card, and at the same time, doctors will be able to monitor your health in the medical field. If you suddenly get sick at home, artificial intelligence will send an ambulance directly to your address. This will make human life safer and more comfortable.

Turkey will be the country that takes the first step in this regard. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan stated that this system will be implemented in all parts of Turkey.

Possible scenarios.

The new balance of Politics in Europe. First Script. A new process will begin in the world. A new order will be created after both sides have great casualties due to the current disagreements and fights. This order will be digital system-centered and digital money will be the reserve currency of the new world. The new finance system will be based on Blockchain, and this unsystematic infrastructure is being prepared among central banks in many countries. New institutional structures will be prepared. Europe will turn into a multi-part structure within itself. Like Western and Eastern Europe. This scenario could happen by 2040. Already, many symptoms are showing themselves, such as conflicts, insecurity, and ideological separation.

In the worst-case scenario, a chemical weapon may be used in Ukraine. This means that NATO will intervene in Ukraine. A nuclear war could happen. Elon Musk has announced that Russia can destroy the West in 30 minutes.

I do not think that the situation will develop as in the second scenario, but there is a possibility that it will be as in the first scenario. In the USA, the FED is going by increasing the interest rate, which increases the risk of recession in the world for the year 2023.

The world is going through a very critical period and there is a great imbalance, let’s see how things will develop.

Researcher and Author: Kanan Heydarov
Source: Behind the scenes of critical events.
Data: 03.11.2022

Behind the scenes of critical events.

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Behind the scenes of critical events.

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