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Global Conflict.

Increasing Russian tensions in Eastern Europe.

Global Conflict.

Global Interests, Great Equilibrium, Global Struggle.

In this article, we will talk about the domestic problems and foreign policy of the USA, the increasing energy crisis in Europe, and the joint plan of Russia and China.

This article is unbiased.


  • Global Conflict
  • The Plan of Russia and China.
  • US internal problem.

Global Conflict. This war will not be limited to the territory of Ukraine.

Global Conflict.

Global Conflict.
Global Conflict.

What happened in reality and what happened on the front were very different from each other.
Important RUS companies such as Gazprom, Novatek, Lukoil, Rosneft, and Tatneft were making money under the name of a 130 billion-dollar credit partnership and investment.
British and American banks like HSBC at CANARY WHARF and JP MORGAN CHASE were making money for Russia. 
Western countries were imposing sanctions on Moscow, but these sanctions were causing great damage to the internal and external systems of Europe.
The European Union is under siege.

European Union exports to Russia decreased by 48 percent in the first three months of the occupation of Ukraine, which began on February 24, compared to the same period last year. However, the number of exports from Russia to 27 European Union countries increased by 68 percent due to rising energy prices.
Moscow, holding Nuclear, was bringing the Energy card to the table and showing that it would be Europe’s nightmare. 
A power was deciding to liquidate Europe.
The war in Ukraine is a geopolitical trade and energy conflict. It is the USA’s effort to separate Europe from Russia.

Although this plan of the US was partially successful, the results were different. Cooperation between Russia and China changed the course of this plan.
The US launched a major crisis to maintain its global dominance. It wasn’t the first time he had fictionalized the spike in the prices of key commodities that effectively drove countries into dependency and debt.

The United States was participating in the sanctions imposed on Russia. However, both the USA and Russia were winning as oil and gas prices rose. 
Europe suffered the most from rising energy prices.
The goal was to finish off China and Russia, which claimed global dominance.

The Plan of Russia and China.

Global Conflict. The real war will take place in Europe in December and January, and Russia will cut off the natural gas it gives to the EU. Together with China, Russia aims to separate Europe’s policy from the United States. With the rising prices and energy crisis in Europe in winter, large-scale popular revolts are planned. 
Russia met with other oil-producing countries and said that everyone should trade in their national currency.
Global Conflict. Russia is determined to leave Europe without energy. If this project of Russia is successful, European people can start a rebellion against the USA.

Against a possible economic collapse, Russia stocked 12 thousand tons of gold. China stocked 30 thousand tons of gold. The USA has 8100 tons of gold stock.
China won the economic part of the war. Russia and China want to end US hegemony by gaining political and geopolitical control.
Russia aims to start a rebellion in Europe to get the USA out of Europe.
Russia aims to start a rebellion in Europe to weaken the USA in Europe.

US internal problem.

The new balance of Politics in America. There may be a civil war in America within 3 years. The American people oppose the ideology imposed on them. America is a Christian state and the Evangelicals are in the majority.
America generally has a structure driven by corporations and lobbies.
The US states are divided into two Democrats and Republicans. Many states in the USA want to leave the USA.

If we look at the internal problems of the US, we will see them.
Social problems, insecurity, unbalanced income distribution, human inequality, the concept of LGBT, armament problems, immigration problems, and others.
There is a struggle over these concepts between the Republican-controlled States and the Democrat-controlled States.

The new balance of Politics in America. There is an increase in inflation in the USA, which causes the middle-income people in the USA to become poorer and the rich to become richer.

Singularization is increasing.
The homeless and the poor are on the rise, increasing social segregation.
There is a great ideological divide between Republicans and Democrats.

Republicans oppose the billions of dollars donated to Ukraine. Republicans say, why are you helping Ukraine when there are so many people in need in our own country?
The Republicans will most likely win the next elections. That’s why there’s a plot against Trump and they want to eliminate Trump.
Global Conflict. In America, we will see that there will be increased internal polarization and human migrations.

We will see a bilateral polarization in the USA. There are Conservative Democrats within the Democrats and Liberal Republicans within the Republicans.
There will also be divisions between Conservative Democrats and Liberal Republicans.
This will cause an ideological disintegration. Internal problems in the USA are increasing and this may cause the country to break up.
If Europe sees the possibility of disintegration of the USA, the EU’s Russia policy will change.

Researcher and Writer: Kanan Heydarov.
Source Global Conflict.


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