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Mysterious events and meetings.

Increasing Russian tensions in Eastern Europe.

Mysterious events and meetings.

Mysterious Assassins. Mysterious meetings. Mysterious events.

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Mysterious events and meetings.

Mysterious events and meetings.
Mysterious events and meetings.

Mysterious Assassins.

Mysterious events and meetings. A game was started in which Europe would lose.
America was explaining that it allowed the weapons it supplied to the Ukrainian army to be used against targets in Crimea.

The new balance of Politics in Europe. The US wanted the war to continue. For this, he was providing the necessary assistance and prolonging the war. Russia did not complain about it either.
As a result of the war that lasted for 7 months, Russia increased its foreign trade surplus 2.5 times and increased the figure to 195 billion dollars.

Speaking to German media, Viktor Orban said EU sanctions against Russia were “miscalculated” and could devastate the European economy if Brussels didn’t change its stance.
The sanctions failed to destabilize the Russian economy.
The sanctions are not helping Ukraine, but they are very bad for the European economy. If it continues like this, it will destroy the European economy.

Mysterious events and meetings. The targeting of Aleksandr Dugin and his daughter and the strange deaths of the oligarchs were also noteworthy.
Someone is targeting the Kremlin.
Many prominent figures related to Gazprom committed suicide in their homes.
Oligarchs Sergey Protosenya and Vladislav Avayev living in Moscow, the capital of Russia, were found dead with their family members.
Sergey Protosenya, vice president of the natural gas company Novatek, and his family were found dead in his home.

Russian oligarch Mikhail Watford was found dead at his home in Surrey, England.
Leo Shulman was found dead at his home in St Petersburg.
Alexander Tyulakov and Vasily Melnikov were found dead in his home.
Darya Dugina, daughter of political expert Aleksandr Dugin, who is described as the ‘brain’ of Russian President Vladimir Putin, died due to the explosion of the vehicle she was in. 


Mysterious events and meetings.

The real target was Aleksandr Dugin.
Mysterious events and meetings. Aleksandr Dugin is a very important person.
After this assassination, there will be some changes in Russia’s domestic and foreign policy. The purpose of this assassination attempt was to prolong the Ukrainian war.
It was announced that arms companies broke a historical record by increasing their sales to over 2 trillion dollars.

The USA started to replenish its stocks by giving its weapons to Ukraine. Even the Eastern European countries started to renew their weapons by giving the obsolete weapons they bought from Russia to Ukraine.
While the American arms companies Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and French Thales were in crisis after the pandemic, with the war in Ukraine, arms sales soared.

I want to tell you about September 15th.

Mysterious events and meetings. Russia, China, India, Pakistan, and Turkey will hold a meeting in Samarkand, Uzbekistan. There is a special message in the selection of the Samarkand.
Anyone who knows Turkish history knows the meaning of this message.
This meeting is very important for Asian countries. There will be serious agreements on the economy and trade. Each country can trade in its currencies.

In the past, such trades were made, especially between Russia and China. They can establish a joint military alliance to ensure security in Asia. This puts the dollar’s reserve currency status at risk.
Turkey’s participation in this meeting will make the USA very uncomfortable. In return, the USA can impose an embargo on Turkey.
It is not known how much the EU will support this embargo. The relations between Turkey and the USA are already very tense and can break at any moment.

There are also problems in relations between Turkey and the EU. Turkey now clarified its side and is preparing to take its place in the Asian Union.
All the West sanctions against Russia have failed. The embargo imposed by Russia on the EU has become the EU’s nightmare and has put Europe in a big crisis.

The new balance of Politics in Europe. The world is now transitioning to a multipolar system. Regional powers began to come to the fore, one of them being Turkey. Turkey’s importance came to the fore both geopolitically and with the Ukraine war. September 15 will be very critical for Turkey.

Turkey will respond to any action against Turkey on September 15. Very important alliances will be formed and very important steps will be taken in Autumn. There will be a struggle over the Mediterranean between Greece and Turkey. A US military base could be built in the Greek Cypriot area.

The Balkans.

Mysterious events and meetings. The Balkans started to take up arms and there was military activity.
Serbia began massing troops on the Northern Kosovo border.
Aleksandar Vucic said that the Kosovo administration wants to restrict the identities and freedoms of Serbs living in Kosovo.

Aleksandar Vucic said that if NATO does not protect the law of Serbs in Kosovo, we will.
The Serbian Army is making military preparations on the northern Kosovo border. Serbia is determined to protect the Serbian people in Kosovo. If there is a military conflict in the Balkans, it will spread to the whole Balkans and this will affect Eastern Europe.
Someone wants to confuse the Balkans. It seems that every country in Europe that is close to Russia will mix.
Hungary may be next.

There will be important events in May 2025 and March 2025, and one of them will be the struggle over clean water. Important events will take place in Russia.

Researcher and Writer: Kanan Heydarov.
Source Mysterious events and meetings.

Mysterious events and meetings.

Big Reset.

Mysterious events and meetings.

Global Conflict.

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