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Europe is on the brink of chaos.

Increasing Russian tensions in Eastern Europe.

Europe is on the brink of chaos.

Chaos in Europe.

Will Europe break up Russia or will Russia tear Europe apart?
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  • Global structures are struggling.
  • Chaos is besieging Europe step by step.

Europe is on the brink of chaos. Everyone is worried. The war that broke out after the pandemic shook the balance. There are many questions about the future but no answers.
Two global powers are competing with each other in the world. are news and world report
We sometimes see this as the Russia-Ukraine war, sometimes as an act of terrorism, and sometimes as the mysterious deaths of important figures.

Europe is on the brink of chaos.

Europe is on the brink of chaos.
Europe is on the brink of chaos.

November and December will be critical for Europe.
There were protests in Germany, Czechia, Belgium, the Netherlands and Italy. People are reacting to increasing energy prices.
The comfortable living standard of the European people, who were accustomed to a comfortable life, began to deteriorate.

Global structures are struggling.

Europe is on the brink of chaos. These two global structures want to progress with one based in China and the other with a US-based system. 
These two global powers want to establish a new world order.
European Countries and people will experience very difficult times this winter.
Russia has cut off all gas flow from Russia to Europe.

The new balance of Politics in Europe. Europe now started to use energy stocks, but these energy stocks were for use in possible wartime. This puts the EU’s security and unity at risk. These energy stocks will be enough for the EU for a maximum of 5 months.
All EU countries will have to increase their energy-saving programs.
In the protests in the Czech Republic, America and England were protested. The reason is that they put Europe at war with Russia. Protests against America and England will increase in Europe and the public will blame NATO.

The people of England and Europe will protest America.
The rulers of European countries will have to resign in the face of increasing popular revolts.
There will be large-scale social protests in Germany and France, which will bring the middle class to the streets all over Europe. 

Europe is on the brink of chaos. After 3 months, chaos awaits Europe and as a result of this chaos, many companies will be closed and states will be overthrown. A big domino effect will spread all over Europe and then the World.
As a result of popular uprisings in Europe, far-right parties will rise.

The new balance of Politics in Europe. This means that a safe Europe will now become unstable.
Meanwhile, if an armed conflict breaks out in the Balkans, it will create great instability, especially in Eastern Europe. This will put the whole of Europe at risk. Turkey is in talks with the Balkan countries to reduce the possible tension in the Balkans.
Police inspections have been increased in many European countries and we will see the harsh intervention of the Police in a possible crisis.
Energy and production prices in Europe have increased tremendously. This increases the unrest among the people.
Russia is determined to freeze Europe this winter, and Putin will do everything in his power to destabilize the EU.

Chaos is besieging Europe step by step.

Europe is on the brink of chaos. Chaos is besieging Europe step by step. The cooperation between Russia and China is getting stronger. The new Asian union is getting stronger and Russia emphasized that Turkey is an important partner. Turkey no longer trusts the EU and NATO and will take its place in the Asian Union when the time comes.

Local currencies will be used for natural gas trade between Russia and China, which will reduce the dependence on the dollar. It is the joint work of 27 countries that made Europe a European Union, but now European countries have started to act in their interests.  Big cracks started to form between America and Europe. and this will increase.
Europe began to shake from its foundations.

There will be differences of opinion between the East of Europe and the Baltics and between the South and the middle of Europe.
The European Union can be divided into East and West.
If Russia is successful in Ukraine, Putin will try to slap the EU countries that support Ukraine, especially Poland. 
Europe is on the brink of chaos. Especially EU countries bordering Russia.
There is a struggle in Europe between Russian, Chinese, and US intelligence.
EU countries will not be able to get rid of this difficult process in one piece.

The head of the European Commission said that Russia is using the gas against Europe. Considering the embargo imposed on Russia by the Western alliance, the energy embargo imposed by Russia on the EU is an answer. When we look at Europe, we see that there is no qualified leader in Europe. Except for Hungary, no country in Europe prioritizes the interests of its country and its people.
Most of the country managers in Europe do not know clearly what they are doing and they do not know what to do.
For this reason, there is a good managerial staff shortage in Europe.

The new balance of Politics in Europe. With the Ukraine war, there is an increase in the oil prices that Russia sells to the EU.
Since February 24, Russia has sold 158 billion euros of oil.
Russia sold 85 billion euros of oil to Europe. 
On the one hand, while the war continues in Ukraine, on the other hand, trade with Russia continues.
There are two important meetings this month, the first meeting is the Shanghai cooperation on 15 and 16 September.
The second meeting is the UN meeting on 29 and 30 September.

The Shanghai unit had a meeting in Tajikistan’s Dushanbe city, and at that meeting, they talked about the need to overthrow the Western order.
They emphasized the need to establish a new monetary system and a new global order.
The Western-led Earth system began to collapse and they started fighting among themselves.
More popular uprisings are starting in European countries and EU countries have started to bring the police force to the fore. 
Nothing will ever be the same anymore. Life used to be easier in Europe, but now everything is changing.

Researcher and Writer: Kanan Heydarov.
Source Europe is on the brink of chaos.

Europe is on the brink of chaos.

Global Conflict.

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