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Ukraine War made the USA rich

Increasing Russian tensions in Eastern Europe.

Ukraine War made the USA rich

This article is unbiased.

Ukraine War made the USA rich

Ukraine War made the USA rich
Ukraine War made the USA rich

The new balance of Politics in Europe Since the start of the war in February 2022, US oil exports to Europe have doubled, according to White House data. The monthly average amount of oil transported by sea from the USA to Europe increased by 38 percent compared to the same period of the previous year. Countries such as Germany, France, Italy, and Spain increased their oil purchases from the USA by 88 percent. The USA, which was the world’s largest oil-producing country for 6 consecutive years until last year, had its “most profitable six months” with its own oil companies, with sales of $250 billion, after the Ukraine war, according to S&P. 

  The USA exports natural gas to Europe in the form of liquefied LNG and the USA has huge LNG reserves. The US’s LNG exports to Europe after the war increased by 140% compared to before the war. Europe made 40% of its LNG imports from the USA last year. While the country that increased its exports the most with 10.5 million tons was the USA, this figure remained at 3.4 million in Russia, the closest country. The USA has become the second largest exporter of LNG after Australia, even surpassing Qatar.


That the USA made Europe dependent on itself for oil and gas after the war. He started to look for new alternatives in Europe. The new balance of Politics in Europe


Finally, the USA, which increased its arms sales by 49 percent to 205 billion 600 million dollars after the war, also turned the increasing arms imports of Europe in its favor. The USA diplomatically increased its power in Europe. He brought Europe and neutral countries, which did not want to confront Russia diplomatically, to the “Atlantic line” by gathering against Russia within the framework of NATO. The new balance of Politics in Europe


The American Global mind has triumphed as usual.

The proverb says that the mind is superior to the other mind.


International Relations, Threat, and Geopolitics Analyst: Kanan Heydarov
Date: 25.07.2023

Subject: Ukraine War made the USA rich

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