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Turkey’s victory.

Increasing Russian tensions in Eastern Europe.

Turkey’s victory.

The eyes of the world are on Turkey.

This article is unbiased. In this article, I will talk about Turkey’s victory at the NATO summit and the power struggle in Europe.

The eyes of the world are on Turkey.

Turkey's victory.
Turkey’s victory.

Turkey’s victory.

Turkey reached the summit at the NATO summit in Vilnius and emerged victorious.

They wanted to become a member of NATO, fearing that Russia, entering Ukraine, might invade Sweden as well. But they could not get along with Türkiye. Türkiye vetoed Sweden because it supported terrorism.

The new balance of Politics in Europe NATO’s critical meeting, even in the official media of the White House. The news has emerged that Türkiye will lift the Swedish veto.
Finally, at the table set up in Lithuania, Turkey got what it wanted and announced that it would take Sweden’s entry into NATO to the Parliament. All NATO countries accepted the conditions set by Erdogan at this NATO summit. When the summit was over, the headlines all over the world were written that Erdoğan had won the victory.

Erdogan gave the green light to Sweden’s membership at the summit, but it did not give certainty.
He said that I will take the matter to our parliament.
Turkey was designing NATO. England, EU countries, and none of the USA entered into discussions with Turkey at this summit.

Recently, Türkiye has started to become very important. From energy to Europe’s security, Türkiye was very important. NATO’s second strongest army was Turkey.
Turkey became the country that drew a route to NATO by having an article called The Terror Coordination Center at the last summit. The new balance of Politics in Europe

This is the first time such a concept has officially entered NATO records. Even that was a great diplomatic success.

The European Union, especially Germany, established commissions to improve relations with Turkey. Montenegro’s new Prime Minister, Dritan Abazovic, stressed that Türkiye has become a superpower.
The New York Times reported that Turkey’s prominence in being a new energy base is striking.

TA NEA newspaper from the Greek press said R.T.Erdogan has become our friend. In an article in TA NEA newspaper, he wrote that NATO’s hero was R.T. Erdogan. There was always a fight between Greece and Turkey, especially over the Mediterranean, the Aegean Sea, and Cyprus, but now Greece, seeing that Turkey has grown and become important in the EU and NATO, understood that the competition with Turkey would not yield results and sat at the table with Turkey to improve relations. Greece took the first step and decided to establish a political dialogue. They will hold talks with Türkiye both at the level of leaders and on confidence-building measures.

Turkey is making agreements on investment partnerships worth billions of dollars both in Africa and with the Gulf countries. The new balance of Politics in Europe
Cooperation between Russia, China, and Turkey in Africa continues to develop and expand. Western countries no longer have a say in Africa, especially France.

The power struggle over Europe.


The game, which started with the Russian occupation of Ukraine, continues steadily. The goal is to have both political and economic dominance over the world. The new balance of Politics in Europe

NATO was formed against the Soviets. But now there are no Soviets.
They also attempted to make Russia an enemy, because an enemy was needed.

The new balance of Politics in Europe For Washington, Moscow was a very good partner.
Fear was necessary to be able to sell the weapons they produced all over the world, including in Europe. Otherwise, NATO would lose its function and functional power. They achieved this with hostility to Russia. They started to fight terrorism so that NATO could become more active. For this, they went to the Middle East, Africa, and Afghanistan.

America’s biggest rival was the European Union. Europe’s army, its independent decision-making ability, and a strong economy and trade could have reduced US influence in the region. France was the first country to oppose the USA. France wanted to create an independent Europe. He wanted Europe to have an army other than NATO. Macron failed to negotiate with China and the BRICS. Recently, Macron has attracted attention by making very strong statements against the USA. The price of Macron’s speech was heavy. Chaos broke out in France. Macron wanted to change the balance, but could not. The opposite power was too great. The new balance of Politics in Europe

America did not want Europe to grow as a power against them and become a rival to the USA. Here, the most important role fell to Russia. Russia had to remain a threat. The gain was in economic terms.
Every development, conflict, terror, attack, and assassination was a part of the global power struggle.
Russia poses no threat to the USA, NATO, or EUROPE. Türkiye, on the other hand, was a critical country that observed and provided the balances here.

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International Relations, Threat, and Geopolitics Analyst: Kanan Heydarov
Date: 13.07.2023

Subject: Turkey’s victory.

Turkey’s victory.

Balance in Europe.

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