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Chaos in France.

Increasing Russian tensions in Eastern Europe.

Chaos in France.

History is being rewritten in Europe.

This article is unbiased.
This article talks about what kind of chaos the popular uprising in France caused and the possible events that may occur in Europe in the future.

Chaos in France.

Chaos in France.
Chaos in France.

After the death of Nahelin of Algerian descent, who was killed by the French Police in France, chaos broke out in the country. The new balance of Politics in Europe
Although the French government describes the protesters as immigrants, the plurality is the families of people who settled in France 3 generations ago, and today they are all French citizens.

There are several reasons for the chaos in France. For example, there are social, economic, political, and foreign intelligence interventions and many different reasons. A crisis of anger was triggered in France.
There has been an economic contraction in the last two years, which affects many countries. Especially with the post-Covid-19 war in Europe and the Ukraine war, its economy has decreased to a large extent. This situation caused the people of Europe to suffer economic difficulties and divisions.

The new balance of Politics in Europe Macron was elected president for the second time a year ago with the support of globalists, but his rival Marine Le Pen began to rise rapidly.
The reason why Macron was chosen was the task given to Macron. Marine Le Pen will take the stage after Macron finishes the mission. Buddha will drag your country into an internal conflict.
There is a huge class difference among the people of France. We see that the rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer, and the middle class is starting to go downhill.

In my previous articles, I said that the Chaos would spread all over Europe via France and Ukraine. The war started in Ukraine and targeted the economy and welfare of Europe. Then, with the popular revolts, Europe started to be shaped from within. The rise of right-wing parties further accelerated this situation. The revolt in Paris was the beginning. There will be a second French Revolution in France. Taking countries under control with internal turmoil costs less than wars and gives faster results. To counter these events, France imposed curfews in many cities and the French army stepped in to maintain control. The new balance of Politics in Europe

Macron threatens people with a fine of 30,000 euros and says I can limit your social media. There are both globalists and people affiliated with the US in France. Their demographics are very sensitive, which means that internal turmoil can arise at any moment. They have many problems in the economic field, which may shake the European Union.

The new balance of Politics in Europe We see that there are Ghettos around many big cities in France and African-born French live in those ghettos. They expanded the protest by taking up arms in an organized manner through social media and attacking many places. The popular uprising turns into an armed conflict. Protests started in Belgium and Switzerland. We also see that the revolts caused by immigrants in France spread rapidly all over Europe.

We see that Macron triggers chaos with the decisions he has taken. Macron is kind of preparing France for Marine Le Pen. Europe is steadily moving towards chaos. Right-wingers are on the rise. The right-wing coming to power will not solve these problems. What is happening now is just the beginning.

There is a huge class difference between people in France. We see that the rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer, and the middle class is starting to go downhill. This puts the integrity and stability of Europe at risk.

The new balance of Politics in Europe In the near future, we will see that the French right-wing marches, and getting the support of the French people, will cause separation by marginalizing the African-born French. There are many racists in the police and army in France.
These growing tensions will involve the lower and middle classes across Europe. In other European countries, immigrants and lower-class people are working under difficult conditions with low wages, which will make chaos and riots inevitable.

In the near future, we will see that the nation countries in Europe will come face to face with low and middle-income people. The attacks against Islam in Sweden and the rising Islamophobia in Europe will increase the chaos and increase internal turmoil. The regression process has begun for Europe and this process will continue for a long time.

When we look at the history of Europe, we see that sectarian wars took place, and the 1st and 2nd World Wars came out of Europe. If there is money in Europe, there is peace, if there is no money, there is war, there is chaos. In addition to this, we can look at the 100 Years’ War or the Napoleonic Wars. The new balance of Politics in Europe

What Macron said when he returned to France from China was very remarkable. He said that we will not do everything the USA says and we do not accept the reserve currency status of the dollar.
I think that events similar to the ones that took place in France in 1968 can happen again.
The chaos in France will spread all over Europe Racism and Islamophobia will increase.

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Subject: Chaos in France
International Relations, Threat, and Geopolitics Analyst: Kanan Heydarov
Data: 06.07.2023

Chaos in France.

Balance in Europe.


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