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Sabotages and New Alliances.

Increasing Russian tensions in Eastern Europe.

Sabotages and New Alliances

Sabotages and New Alliances.

This article is unbiased. In this article, I will talk about the sabotage against Russia, the BRICS meeting, the new cooperation between the Arab countries in the Middle East and the Turkish countries, and the emerging Eurasia.

Sabotages against Russia.

Sabotages and New Alliances.
Sabotages and New Alliances.

Russia stopped the grain deal. Ukraine wanted to continue the grain agreement with Türkiye, but Turkey did not accept it.
Why didn’t he accept? If Turkey accepted the offer made by Ukraine, it would mean confronting Russia. Türkiye realized that this was a trap and did not accept it.
The solution to this problem is likely to be like this. The new balance of Politics in the Asia Pacific

If there is no new agreement, Russia and Ukraine will give the grain to Turkey and Türkiye will sell it.

Otherwise, there will be a great famine.

It will be sabotage against Russia. Ukraine bombed the Crimean Bridge with a drone. Russia has declared that it will respond to this attack. Ukraine wants to demolish the Crimean Bridge and leave Crimea without water, that’s their plan. Since Ukraine could not make any gains in the war, they will carry out more severe sabotage against Russia. Embassies of the Russian Federation and businessmen loyal to Putin will be the first targets. There will be similar sabotage in Russia.

Wagner’s new mission.

Putin held a 3-hour meeting with Yevgeny Prigozhin on JUNE 29. As a result, an important team of Wagner went to Belarus and began to train the Belarusian army.
Together with Wagner, Belarus began to restructure the Belarusian army. Wagner didn’t disappear, he just found a new body.
Wagner’s most important commander, Dmitry Utkin, is the main actor and a very important person.
By training the Belarussian army, Wagner is keeping Poland and NATO under pressure. Poland transferred new troops to its border with Belarusia. Kyiv is 160 km from Belarus.

BRICS summit in South Africa.

Putin will attend the BRICS summit in South Africa online. Fear of the BRICS is growing in the US. The USA follows the BRICS closely. The fact that the BRICS may trade in the future by issuing a common currency scares the United States. BRICS members are half the world and this worries America. The new balance of Politics in the Asia Pacific

The growing power of Russia, China, and Turkey in Africa greatly disturbs Europe and the USA. Especially in the last period, Africa’s attitude towards France should be taken into consideration. Europe began to have problems.

Cooperation between Saudi Arabia and Türkiye.

Gulf countries and Turkish countries are together.
The Gulf is the cash source of the world, and Turkish countries are likewise.
The new balance of Politics in the Middle East . Now the whole West is after Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries.
The USA made a petro-dollar agreement with Saudi Arabia in 1970. According to this agreement, America will protect the Gulf countries, and in return, the Gulf countries will sell their oil in dollars. Then, the Gulf countries will put the dollars they earn in the banks of the Western countries and make investments in the West. Now this deal is at Risk.

Sabotages and New Alliances. Turkey and the Turkish organization offered new options to Saudi Arabia, and at the same time, China and Russia began to be more active in the Gulf Countries. This situation is very risky for the USA as well as in Europe. The USA and the EU have lost their control in Africa and if they now lose their control over the Arab countries, it will be a big blow for the West. Türkiye and Turkish countries signed multiple agreements with Saudi Arabia. The Turkish defense industry, on the other hand, signed a few agreements with Saudi Arabia in the military field.

Sabotages and New Alliances. After China reconciled Iran with Saudi Arabia, America’s power in the Middle East waned. The exit of the USA from the middle east and Afghanistan has opened a great space for Turkey, China, and Russia. The US has only one ally in the middle east, that is Israel. Recently, there have been some disagreements between the Biden administration of the USA in Israel. The King of Saudi Arabia went to Russia and talked about buying the S400 air defense system.

He went to China and signed agreements on the joint ballistic missile factory and UAV production. UAE sold oil to China in exchange for yuan, and Saudi Arabia will sell oil to China in exchange for yuan. This will deal a blow to the US petro-dollar system. In the middle future, Turkish countries, Asian countries, and Middle Eastern countries will trade with their local currencies and we will see that a new financial system will be created. The new balance of Politics in the Asia Pacific.

Sabotages and New Alliances. The Arab countries of the Gulf will gradually transfer the capital they have invested in the West to the Asian and Turkish countries. Türkiye is in the first place. They see Turkey as a reliable and stable country. They will soon make joint investments in Turkey’s defense industry. Saudi Arabia has started to develop its defense industries and they want to become an independent regional power.

The new balance of Politics in the Middle East . The organization of Turkish countries is important for Russia and China, and a one-generation road project passes through the Turkish countries. The US imposes sanctions on China and Russia, but many Western companies do not support US sanctions. Everyone is after money and trade, and many important companies and countries do not comply with US sanctions. A new order is now being established in the Eurasian region, and this order works with a win-win system, shaped by diplomacy and trade, and the period of wars is closing. This new system to be established will also affect the West.

Sabotages and New Alliances. China competes with the US in many areas, including 5G and artificial intelligence technology. For this reason, the USA declared war on Huawei company and Chinese technology and demanded that Europe take measures against Chinese technology. Many European countries accepted the US’s requests. Some private technology companies were disturbed by this situation and did not comply with these warnings of the USA.

With the initiative of China, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, and Iran decided to establish a joint naval navy, and the USA stated that it would send an Aircraft Carrier to the Gulf, using Iran’s seizure of US merchant ships as an excuse. The United States cannot keep control and gain the trust of these countries in this way. The new balance of Politics in the Middle East

A new order is taking shape and new alliances are being formed, the established order is being destroyed and a new order is at the door. Sabotages and New Alliances.

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International Relations, Threat, and Geopolitics Analyst: Kanan Heydarov

Date: 20.07.2023
Subject: Sabotages and New Alliances.

Sabotages and New Alliances.

Turkey’s victory.

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