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The order behind regional conflicts.

Increasing Russian tensions in Eastern Europe.

The order behind regional conflicts.

Regional conflicts. The order behind the conflicts.

2030 Turn point.

Turkey has deployed warships to the Golden Horn, which means that the war will begin in the Aegean Sea. There is a possibility of an accidental attack on a military ship or aircraft belonging to Turkey until 2023, this event will occur in June or July.


Europe is being reshaped.

The new balance of Politics in Europe. The order behind regional conflicts. Soon we will see 2 different European Unions, Eastern, and Western Europe. One of them is the European Commonwealth of Nations, which will be established under the leadership of England.
The other is the Union of European Political Communities to be established under the leadership of France.
Germany and France rule Europe in general, but these days, France is holding numerous talks with Italy, and these talks seem to yield results. France wants to rule the EU together with Italy.
There will be many changes in Europe shortly.

NATO started military exercises against Russia in the Baltic, and Russia, in turn, started military exercises. This military exercise of NATO is just a show of strength. In general, the EU is dependent on Russia in terms of energy and food. As French President Macron said, we should not break ties with Russia.
Mariya Zakharova from the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs made a statement and said that we are becoming a state again. This means a message against the Globalists.
Pope Francis said in a statement that the cause of the war in Ukraine was the West and emphasized that NATO was getting very close to Russia.

China and America showdown.

The order behind regional conflicts.
The order behind regional conflicts.

The United States will conduct the world’s largest joint military naval exercise against China with the participation of 24 countries. This exercise will take place between 29 June and 4 August. China is holding a military exercise with the Salamon Islands in the Pacific, this is in response to the American military exercise.

The new balance of Politics in Europe. There is tension all over the world and this tension is increasing day by day. The first conflict was between Ukraine and Russia. The second will probably be between Greece and Turkey. The third will be in the Asia Pacific. If you take into account the intercontinental global migration due to food shortages, this year will be very eventful.

The tension between Greece and Turkey.

The order behind regional conflicts. Many issues create tension between Greece and Turkey. The Aegean Islands are also problematic and Greece wants to increase its sea border to 12 miles by showing the islands. This is contrary to the Lausanne Treaty and is a cause of war for Turkey.

As an extra, there are military agreements made by Greece, especially the agreement with France. The speech of Kiriakos Mitsotakis in the American Senate was a foreshadowing of a possible war with Turkey. The presence of American military bases in Greece also made the situation tense, and many military preparations were made by Greece and the warning message sent by Russia to Greece appeared in the Russian media. There are statements in this direction in Turkey. There will be tensions between Greece and Turkey.
Greece is digging a ditch on the Turkish border, getting ready for something.
Greek media also emphasize these issues.

The new balance of Politics in Europe. Turkey is an important country for the EU, energy and trade routes pass through Turkey and Turkey has NATO’s second-largest army. Turkey is also important for NATO in terms of its war experience, many successful operations, and the military technology it has.

Growing Problems

The risk of war is increasing in 3 regions of the world, and this will result in the collapse of the established order in the world.
This summer, energy shortages will increase and the food crisis will grow, we will see hyperinflation. There will be major revolts related to the food crisis from Africa, and then migration will begin, then, if there is tension in the Asia-Pacific and there is a food shortage due to the tension to be experienced, a great migration will head to Europe. That’s why we need to solve all these problems in the world together and build a new world where we can live together.

Researcher and writer: Kanan Heydarov

Resource: The order behind regional conflicts.

DATA: 15.06.2022


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