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Putin’s target is the EU and the USA.

Increasing Russian tensions in Eastern Europe.

Putin’s target is the EU and the USA.

Putin’s target is the West. Putin’s Plan.

Near future.

This article was written to evaluate the critical events that occur today and is an impartial article.
How will the sanctions imposed on the EU by Putin affect the EU and US economy?
With the sanctions decisions taken by Putin, the EU is going through hard times and the USA is in a difficult situation.
Putin is trying to end Western power and domination.

Today, wars are waged using satellite states and terrorist organizations, cyber wars, and other instruments. This is called hybrid wars.
The tension between Ukraine and Russia should be looked at from this perspective.


Pope Francis’ statement, Turkey-Greece tension.

Putin's target is the EU and the USA.
Putin’s target is the EU and the USA.

Putin’s target is the EU and the USA. Pope Francis said that the reason for the tension between Ukraine and Russia was NATO and the West getting too close to Russia.
Pope Francis also said that the 3rd world war had started.
Prime Minister of Greece Kiriakos Mitsotakis made an important statement in a speech on the Greek television channel.

Putin’s target is the EU and the USA. He said that if there is a war between Turkey and Greece, there are very strong friendly countries that will support Greece. The USA and France openly support Greece, and Germany secretly supports it. There are 9 US military bases in Greece, which worries Turkey. A Greek Admiral made a statement saying that we would hit the bridges in Istanbul with rockets. Turkey said that Greece violated the Lausanne agreement.

The new balance of Politics in America. Putin’s target is the EU and the USA.
Russia announced that it would support Turkey and sent a warning message to Greece.
There are 3 hot conflict zones in the world, and one of them is Ukraine. Here Ukraine was used as a proxy state to weaken Russia, but this tactic failed. The Mediterranean and the Asia-Pacific are next.

There will be regional wars in Africa, and the purpose of this is to prevent the rising cooperation between Russia, China, and Turkey in Africa. There was an armed attack on the Russian Vagner group in Africa, and the Vagner soldiers died as a result of the conflict.
France lost its power in many African countries, especially in Algeria.

Sanctions imposed by Putin on the West.

Putin’s target is the EU and the USA. The war in Ukraine and all developments developed and ended for the benefit of Russia.
Now it’s Russia’s turn. Russia has recently imposed harsh sanctions on the West, which has done critical damage to the EU.
Putin reduced the gas going from Russia to the EU by 40% and this will hurt Germany the most. Germany’s Dependence on Russian gas is 65%. Since Germany is the industrial country of the EU, it will suffer more.

The dependency of other EU states on Russian gas is over 60%.
For example Luxembourg 92%, Greece 82%, Italy 74%, Spain 68% Belgium 78%, etc.
The Russian economy has gained a lot from the rising energy prices and energy sales in the last 90 days.
The reason why Russia reduced the gas it gave to the EU by 40% was that the EU sided with Ukraine. This is why Russia punishes EU countries.

Putin’s target is the EU and the USA.
He did this through Germany’s Siemens company, and other EU countries are next.
EU states will soon have problems with each other due to a lack of energy.
Putin struck his second blow, restricting the precious metals required for the production of the industry. Russia is an important country in the top 3 in the production of precious metals. This will affect inflation in the world and the EU and U.S. will suffer the most from this. Putin imposes very harsh and critical sanctions against the EU.

For example, Nickel and Pilatin are of critical importance in the automobile industry and the machinery industry and Russia is a country that produces these two metals on a limited basis.

Putin’s target is the EU and the USA.

With these sanctions, Putin dealt a great blow to the industry and economy of the EU and the USA. Shortly, there will be hyperinflation and many Western companies will go bankrupt.
Situations are already tense in the EU and there are problems between the countries. France is planning to establish a new EU together with Italy, and England is planning a different EU. Western and Eastern Europe will separate. If the EU cannot solve these problems in the short term, there will be major problems and the integrity of the EU will be questioned.
That’s why the leading names of the EU called Zelenskiy to accept the terms of Russia.

Gold will rise.

The new balance of Politics in America. Putin’s target is the EU and the USA. Putin is now aware that he has won and now Russia has started to make countermoves against the EU and the USA from all sides.
We have seen that the sanctions against Russia do not work.

Putin’s target is the EU and the USA.
This is how Russia responded to the countries that declared war on Russia through Ukraine.
Turkey, which remained neutral in this war, won. Hungary came out with minimal damage. If we compare it with other EU states, we can say that Hungary came out unscathed.
The restriction imposed by Russia on precious metals will increase inflation all over the world, mostly in the USA and the EU.

We will see the Dollar fall and the Gold rise. The US is suppressing gold, but this will not last long. It will increase rapidly after 3 or 4 months at the most.

Russia-Turkey cooperation.

Russia began to recover rapidly within itself.
Russia’s biggest ally in the West is Turkey, and we see Russia’s close cooperation with Turkey.
Shortly, security will deteriorate in many countries, life will become more difficult, and inflation and food crises will put the nation-state in a difficult situation.
The social state principle is weakening in the West. There will be differences of opinion between the USA and the EU.

The EU’s energy deficit and its future depend on the relations it will establish with Turkey. Turkey, which will become the center of the trade and energy route, has started to work on the extraction of natural gas and oil mines in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. Turkey works on Thorium and Boron.
Turkey takes the place of France in Algeria and agreements and studies are being made in this direction. Turkey and Russia are working together in Africa and we will see the unity of New Eurasia, their infrastructure is ready and will be operational soon.

Resource: Putin’s target is the EU and the USA.

Researcher and Writer: Kanan Heydarov
Data: 17.06.2022

Putin’s target is the EU and the USA.

The Order Will Change.


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