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European standards.

Increasing Russian tensions in Eastern Europe.

European standards.

European Politics.

This article is unbiased.

The era of the nationalist conservative in Europe is approaching.
Every crisis brings unexpected new possibilities.
Especially when we look at European history, we see how the crisis periods have affected the EU.
We are in a new crisis with the war in Ukraine. 


  • Nationalist Conservatives.
  • European standards.

European standards.

European standards.
European standards.

Nationalist Conservatives.

In Hungary, nationalist conservatives are progressing steadily,  and we see a similar situation in Italy.
If the nationalist conservative Giorgia Meloni wins the elections in Italy, the EU will develop differently. Giorgia Meloni says that if we win the elections, we will reconsider the agreements with the EU.
Farmers in Spain, Italy, and Germany support Farmers in the Netherlands’ protests.
Germany began to strengthen its defense industry. As a result of this, we will see a decrease in social benefits in Germany. 

European standards.

People in Europe are used to living in prosperity.
If the living standards of the European people fall and they do not feel safe, this will cause great distress.
Increasing inflation and energy shortages are causing great problems in the EU. The EU went in search of energy, but this search was fruitless. 

The new balance of Politics in Europe. The German government will resign due to the troubled situation in Germany after the autumn. They cannot sustain the system that Angela Merkel has established. 
The EU has started to have difficulties, it has strong money economically, but to what extent?
As a result of the inflation, popular uprisings will begin in many EU countries. The EU’s perspective on Ukraine will also change.
Example of Hungary.


 There are internal problems in the EU and these problems are increasing day by day. Political instability began to increase, especially in Italy and Germany. The economic crisis started to increase with the inflation in Portugal, Spain, and Italy and it entered into a recession in the winter.

With these crises, nationalist conservatives will rise in Europe.
When we look at the EU, they started to lose power in Africa. They no longer have a say in the Middle East and cannot agree with the Central Asian states. 

The new balance of Politics in Europe. Relations between China and the EU have deteriorated. The EU has problems with Russia. In Autumn, Russia will open a second front against the EU in the Balkans through Serbia.
EU There may be sectarian fights in the future. The current process will be very complex.
The UK has similar problems as in Europe. Scotland has a request for independence to be decided by an English court. If Scotland manages to become independent, it will want to be independent in Northern Ireland, which could lead to the dissolution of England.
In the autumn Europe will go through a difficult period. A possible Balkan spring will reshape Europe.

Researcher and Writer: Kanan Heydarov.
Resource: European standards.
Data: 19.08.2022

European standards.

Critical events.

European standards.

Big Reset.

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