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Background of Taiwan Project.

Increasing Russian tensions in Eastern Europe.

Background of Taiwan Project.

Taiwan Project. What is the Taiwan Project?

This article is unbiased.
In this article, I will talk about the global project realized through Taiwan and the chip crisis that will start in the world in terms of technology, the role of the USA, and the strategy that China will implement. 


  • Background of Taiwan Project.
  • Increasing internal problems.
  • Nancy Pelosi’s message.
  • Interest Strategy.
  • Things to pay attention to.

Background of Taiwan Project.

Background of Taiwan Project.
Background of Taiwan Project.

Background of Taiwan Project. In 1971, due to the changing world balances, the Republic of China (Taiwan) was removed from the United Nations, and the PRC was included in its place. The United States adopted the one-China policy. The US expedition to Taiwan further deepened and expanded the current crisis in the world. China has described the US expedition to Taiwan as illegal and an insult to Chinese Sovereignty. 

The new balance of Politics in the Asia Pacific. The economic crisis in the world will deepen and all countries will pay the price. China surrounded Taiwan from the sea and closed the entrance and exit. The piece of critical importance to the industry in the world is the Chip. TSMC is based in Taiwan and is the world’s leading chip manufacturer. If this company can’t chip produce, it would be a big problem for the world.

TSMC supplied the chips that are important for the world’s leading car manufacturers and the chips for mobile manufacturers. TSMC company met the world’s 60% chip supply and China supplied the remaining 40% of chip production. Mark Lui from TSMC said in a statement that we may not be able to produce chips anymore. 

Background of Taiwan Project. This will take a heavy blow to the world’s manufacturing industry. The larger version of Russia’s gas and oil embargo on the EU has been imposed on the world by China. The aim is to send a message to every country that is against China.
China said it would take back Taiwan peacefully.

Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan further strengthened China’s hand.
After November, the EU and the USA will experience hard times, increasing inflation and economic crisis will cause a recession and this will create a big domino effect.

Increasing internal problems.

The EU will suffer the most, increasing internal problems, economic depression, and war, and the EU will be divided into two Eastern and Western Europe. Hungary was the first country to talk about it. Hungary, we will act in our interests and we will continue to work with Russia. Hungary said that the embargoes imposed by Europe on Russia should be reconsidered. 

Balkan spring will start next month in the Balkans and Europe has begun to separate and experience internal problems, let’s see how strong this union is. The Balkan Spring will affect first eastern Europe. China and Russia want the Balkan Spring to weaken the EU and cause an internal crisis.

Rising China from Asia cannot be prevented by the USA and if the USA cannot counter it, its economy will weaken, which will put the integrity of the USA at risk. A few more states, such as Texas and California, want to leave the United States anyway. 

Nancy Pelosi’s message.

Background of Taiwan Project. Biden didn’t want Nancy Pelosi to go to Taiwan because the Pentagon didn’t want it, but Nancy Pelosi went to Taiwan anyway.
When Joe Biden was in Japan, a journalist asked Biden a question, if China launches a military operation against Taiwan, will the US support Taiwan militarily? Biden replied yes, but then the White House made a statement saying that we would not support it, and the White House said that we support the one-China policy.

In the November election, the presidency of the US House of Representatives will change and most likely Nancy Pelosi will not be elected. 

The new balance of Politics in the Asia Pacific. The main reason why Nancy Pelosi came to Taiwan was that in November last year, Russia, China, Iran, and Venezuela held military exercises together. This military exercise was a message to the United States. The USA then started to improve the situation with Venezuela and Cuba.
The same struggle exists in Africa. The United States adopted a bill in the American House of Representatives to reduce Russia’s power in Africa.

Interest Strategy.

Background of Taiwan Project. The US will not protect Taiwan in a possible China-Taiwan war. The American people are also against this war, the aim here is to transfer the chip production in Taiwan to the USA. The world is now moving to the digital system and the chip is very important.
China is scheduled to fight a satellite state. It highlights Japan. In the past, India was considered, but it did not happen.

First of all, it is necessary to strengthen Japan in the military field. With the assassination of Shinzo Abe in Japan, there was a false flag operation and some critical changes took place in the internal structure of the country, in the future we will see a militarily strong nationalist and nuclear-armed Japan.
Nancy Pelosi will go to the border of North and South Korea, let’s see how North Korea will react. The First World War started over a Serb.

Things to pay attention to.

Europe’s energy shortage is increasing and this raises tensions. EU’s energy saving is not a real solution for the EU. 
Attention to the Balkan spring in Europe.
There will be some accidental incidents in the Asia Pacific.
In the Cold War time, the Soviet Union disintegrated, let’s see whose turn it is now.

Researcher and Writer: Kanan Heydarov.
Resource: Taiwan Project.
Data: 4.08.2022

Background of Taiwan Project.

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