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What is Turkey doing?

Increasing Russian tensions in Eastern Europe.

What is Turkey doing?

What does Turkey want to do? What does Turkey want?

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  • Turkey’s strategy.
  • What is Turkey doing?
  • Turkey Takes Action.
  • Operation Syria.

Turkey is now putting its new projects into effect.

The most important of these projects is research and drilling ships.
Turkey is in the top 5 in the world for the production of UAV technology. It is the country that best implements this technology in the war zone. We can talk about his success in Ukraine, Karabakh, and Surya. 

Turkey’s strategy.

The new balance of Politics in Europe. Now, Turkey has launched the world’s 5th largest domestically produced exploration and drilling vessel. Sultan Abdulhamithan, in the Ak Sea, and this ship is equipped with 7th generation technology. Turkey has started studies to produce an unmanned submarine warship. Turkey has created a domestic code system to make the infrastructure of the defense industry more secure.


This domestic code system has made Turkey’s defense industry more secure in terms of technology. Turkey will have 4.5 generation domestic warplanes in 2023.
The ship named Sultan Abdulhamithan went to the Eastern Mediterranean and started working. Whichever country controls the energy fields, that country will be strong in the region and Turkey continues serious studies in this direction. 

The Sultan Abdulhamithan ship is equipped with 7th generation technology, has a length of 230 meters width of 42 meters, can drill up to 12,200 meters. With this feature, it is the most technological research and drilling ship in the world.

What is Turkey doing?

The new balance of Politics in Europe. In the future, Turkey will be a new energy base and the EU’s energy problem will be solved through Turkey. If we foresee that Russia is putting pressure on the EU over energy, Turkey is of critical importance for the EU. 

Turkey has now become an important factor in the region and is taking some steps to work in coordination with the countries of the region.
The conflict between Turkey and Greece in the Eastern Mediterranean may end with a fight. There is a great disagreement in the Mediterranean and the US military bases in Greece make the situation even tenser.

There is a high probability of a hot conflict in the Mediterranean in September, October. The arming of the islands in violation of the Lausanne and Paris agreements by Greece increases the possibility of a conflict shortly. The armament of Greece, military agreements with the USA and France, and arms purchases are examples of this. Greece’s military activity has increased tremendously recently, which puts regional peace at risk. 
Another front of a possible war will be over the Aegean Islands.
Turkey is waiting for Greece to attack. After this attack, some of the islands in the Aegean will be under the control of Turkey.

Turkey Takes Action.

What is Turkey doing? Russia and Turkey can make a joint defense agreement in line with their interests in the Eastern Mediterranean. 
This agreement will be to limit Greece in the Mediterranean Sea region and will also limit the sphere of influence of US military bases in Greece. Russia added Greece to its list of unfriendly countries on July 22.

Turkey will take critical steps in line with its interests.
The F35s that the USA will give to Greece and the F16 that it will modernize disturbed Turkey. Turkey took important decisions for the Middle East region in the Astana talks, which is to reduce the US presence in the region and to solve the problems with the countries of the region.

Operation Syria.

The new balance of Politics in Europe. Turkey will launch an operation in northern Syria. The preliminary preparations for this operation have been completed and Turkey has reached an agreement with Russia on this issue.
Meanwhile, due to the war in Ukraine, tensions have arisen between Russia and Israel. Russia does not allow Israel to carry out air strikes on Syria and has also limited Israeli warplanes entering the Surya airspace.
Turkey and Russia have started to work together in line with their common interests, and many important steps have been taken since August.

Researcher and Writer: Kanan Heydarov.
Resource: What is Turkey doing?
Data: 15.08.2022


What is Turkey doing?

Critical events.

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