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2023 The Rise and Importance of Turkey.

Increasing Russian tensions in Eastern Europe.

2023 The Rise and Importance of Turkey.


2023 Turkey’s Rise and Importance. Turkey’s Rise. 2023 Turkey’s Importance.

This article was written to evaluate the critical events that occur today and this is an impartial article.

2023 The Rise and Importance of Turkey.

2023 The Rise and Importance of Turkey.
2023 The Rise and Importance of Turkey.

 Turkey’s plan is Misak-ı Milli. Turkey’s operations in Syria and Iraq were multi-faceted. With Turkey’s last military operation in Iraq, Iranian armed unifications were also cleared from the region. This is Turkey’s 2023 vision. The region is already under Turkish control.

Turkey will soon establish a military base in the city of Aleppo in Syria, and agreements were made with Russia. Turkey is planning to take Western Thrace. Turkey did not lose the First World War, but Germany was defeated in Turkey because it was considered defeated. After the war, Turkey retreated to the borders of the National Pact and after the ceasefire, Turkey lost some regions due to the instability in Turkey. The new balance of Politics in Europe

With the decision taken in 1926, the UN says that the 36th parallel of Iraq belongs to Turkey, but if the Iraqi state there is divided, it says that the 36th parallel belongs to Turkey. Since 1991, the 36th parallel of Iraq belongs to Turkey. It was present in the 2013 agreement between Turkey and Iraq. The spread of ISIS in the region broke that agreement, but ISIS is no longer in the region.

2023 The Rise and Importance of Turkey. In the field of military technology, Turkey is growing very successfully and steadily. NATO, which has the most powerful military army in the world, is the second most powerful military power after the USA. Turkey is very rich in terms of underground mines, there are boron, thorium, lithium, natural gas, and oil deposits in the Mediterranean Sea and Turkey will extract them. It will be one of the countries that produce and prepare Boron and Thorium in particular. 

The country that can convert thorium into energy is Turkey and its Thorium Power Plant is being established. There is also the Lithium factory established by Turkey. World-class reserve superiority and superior quality in Turkey. There are 790,000 tons of thorium in Turkey. Only 10 tons of this will provide Turkey’s 50-year energy.
Turkey is now becoming an energy center. The new balance of Politics in Europe

Turkey will receive 40% of the energy resources in the Mediterranean Sea, and 33% of the revenue will belong to Turkey for the transfer of Israel’s gas through Turkey. Agreements will be signed after 9 May.
Turkey also developed its digital currency.
If we look at the military technologies and production factories that Turkey will announce by 2023, we will see how much they have developed.

Turkey-made technologies.

ASPİLSAN Lithium-Ion battery factory will start production.
-National Electric Auto TOGG will go into mass production.
-The Ramjet missile engine will begin mass production.
In 2022, armored vehicles will be delivered with domestic engines for the first time.
-The first shooting tests of the National Vertical Launch System (MİLDAS) will take place.
-The Armored Amphibious Assault Vehicle ZAHA will enter the inventory.
-10. The A-400M will enter the inventory. The new balance of Politics in Europe

SUNGUR low altitude air defense missile, AKYA torpedo, MAM-T, and ATMACA deliveries will begin.
-Gökbey will take off with a domestic engine.
-TCG Anadolu Ship will be added to the inventory.
The ATAK-2 prototype will make its first flight.
-The construction of the prototype of the Turkish Type Assault Boat will begin.
-Khidr Reis’s submarine will be ready.
-The construction of the STM500 submarine will begin.

There’s a lot of technology that hasn’t been announced yet, but that’s on hold.
The New Order is coming and the importance of Turkey comes to the fore in this order.
Note: There will be some military incidents against Turkey via Greece shortly.

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Subject: 2023 The Rise and Importance of Turkey.

Analyst of International Relations, Threat and Geopolitics: Kanan Heydarov

Data: 06.05.2022

2023 The Rise and Importance of Turkey.

Crisis in NATO.


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