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Recent Events and Global Strife.

Increasing Russian tensions in Eastern Europe.

Recent Events and Global Strife.

Recent Global Events.

This article was written to evaluate the critical events that occur today and this is an impartial article.

The purpose of the existence of states is to ensure the future, security, welfare, and happiness of their societies. The policy of combining the forces of other states in a state that pursues a hegemony policy or against states is called “balance of power politics”. The most concrete example of this was NATO and the Soviet Union. These two political powers also represented two different values.  The new balance of Politics in Europe

The world was experiencing a struggle between two different global management systems. Two global powers were clashing.
One dominated weapons and energy and the other dominated money and technology.


Henry Kissinger spoke.

Recent Events and Global Strife.
Recent Events and Global Strife.

Henry Kissinger attended the World Economic Forum held in Davos, Switzerland, via videoconference.
Stating that all the events were caused by Ukraine’s refusal to accept the Neutral status, Kissinger said that the West should give up its dream of crushing Russia. The new balance of Politics in Europe

The consequences of this would be disastrous for Europe, he said.
Henry Kissinger said that Ukraine must give territory to Russia to end the war and reach a peace agreement. He also warned Europe to make peace with Russia.

Then another important person, George Soros, spoke.

George Soros gave the opposite speech of Kissinger. Soros was targeting Putin and Russia. The global power represented by Soros competed with the global power represented by Henry Kissinger. 

Especially recently, the middle and lower parts of the US people are uncomfortable with the financial aid to Ukraine and they say that this money is our right and that this money consists of the taxes paid by the American citizens. In the EU, on the other hand, a growing instability began to occur. Some countries reacted to this war and incoming Ukrainian refugees, especially if we consider the economic crisis created after Corona. The middle segment in the EU was the segment most affected by these processes. If this process is not resolved quickly, EU internal instability may grow and turn into a rebellion. The new balance of Politics in Europe

The EU people are strong and compassionate. They help the people of Ukraine, but if this situation persists in the long run and the welfare of the middle section decreases, then the troubles will begin.
Note: In the last few videos I watched, Ukrainian immigrants who were placed in hotels were expelled from the hotels.

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Subject: Recent Events and Global Strife.

Analyst of International Relations, Threat and Geopolitics: Kanan Heydarov

Data: 27.05.2022


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