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The Order Will Change.

Increasing Russian tensions in Eastern Europe.

The Order Will Change.

The Order Is Changing. The New Order.

This article was written to evaluate the critical events that occur today and is an impartial article.
Good reading.

The Order Will Change.

The Order Will Change.
The Order Will Change.

Order is being written so Get ready for wars.
World War 3 is approaching.
Preliminary preparation for the Asia Pacific war.
World War III will take place in the Asia Pacific between the second quarter of 2023 and 2026.
Indispensable preliminary content of the 3rd World War Growing Global food, energy, economic crisis. Countries will experience power cuts due to energy shortages, and it is necessary to add new viruses that will emerge due to war.
The North Pole Project, part 2.
Ukraine project and Europe.

World War 3 is approaching.

The Order Will Change. The Order Will Change. 24 Countries will begin a military exercise in the Asia Pacific between 29 June and 4 August.
This exercise is the preliminary preparation for the 3rd World War, after this exercise, the countdown of the 3rd World War will begin. There is great work against China and 2 alliances have been established against China so far.

They will cut off China’s sea routes, and that will be disastrous for China. China carries out a significant part of its trade over the seas.
They will press China through Pakistan and India, Pakistan has completed its preparations in this direction, and they have achieved this with the silent revolution in Pakistan. War in the Asia Pacific is imminent, and nuclear weapons will be used on a limited scale.

Ongoing Ukrainian Tension.

The Order Will Change. The continuation of the tension in Ukraine is important in this respect.
The tension in Ukraine will continue a little longer than it should.
The leading names of the EU called Zelenskiy to accept the terms of Russia, but the UK announced that they would give full support to Ukraine, which means that the tension will last a little longer. The formalized mission to Ukraine is not yet complete. Zelenski will continue to play the role given to him.

Zelenski is a successful actress.
Many guns and tanks were going from Europe and Germany to Ukraine, and Russia destroyed them all. America did not give Ukraine long-range rockets that could hit Russia. Biden said that we warned Zelensky that there would be a war, but Zelensky did not listen to us.
Ukraine is divided into 3 places and it is very difficult for it to become a single country.
Mediterranean Tension.

The Order Will Change. A scenario similar to Ukraine is being prepared against Turkey in the Mediterranean via Greece. Mitsotakis may be the 2nd Zelenski.
Greek opposition party leader Çipras warned Mitsotakis and said that if we enter a possible war with Turkey, we will suffer heavy losses and the West will not protect us against Turkey and emphasized that we may experience a second Ukraine incident.
Starting next month, Turkey will start to introduce new weapons, and the last one will present the Pilotsus fighter jet.

One step away from the 3rd world war.

If we put the map in front of us, we see that there is tension in all strategically important places.
There will be an operation against Turkey and a war against China.
War in the Asia Pacific is imminent and millions of people will migrate
This puts the established order at risk, which is why nuclear weapons will be used to a limited extent and in a limited area. This war will take place in 3 years.

The North Pole Project, part 2.

The Order Will Change.

War in the North Pole, those who read the first part of my article will understand it more easily.
With the melting of the Arctic ice caps, a new trade route was opened, and on the route of this road were Sweden and Finland.

The main reason why these two countries want to join NATO is that they can claim rights to the underground energy resources in the North Pole, and they need to get a share of these resources. NATO needs these two states. Russia made a hypersonic rocket test on the felt moon and gave a message to Sweden and Finland.
Russia gave the message that the North Pole is mine. Russia is trying to keep China away from the North Pole.
Russia has completed all its military preparations in the North Pole and is ready to fight for the North Pole.

The Order Will Change. Russia will not support China in a possible Asia-Pacific war. Russia does not want to see a strong China on its immediate border, a strong China jeopardizes Russia’s stability. An operation will be carried out against China, for this operation to be carried out, it is necessary to agree with Russia. The subject of the agreement will be that Russia does not support China. In return, the United States will agree with Russia in the Arctic.

The Order Will Change. Global Powers want controllable countries. China is a difficult state to control. There is a power that wants the order established through the USA and Russia to continue, but there is another power that opposes this power and puts China in the foreground.

Internal problems in the EU.

The Order Will Change.
EU trade with China has exceeded 700 billion.
The EU trades more with China than the EU does with the US.
Buddha is causing trouble. There is a possibility that the EU will be divided into two, eastern and western, and France and England emphasized this issue last week.

Russia-Turkey alliance, the lines are getting clearer.
A merger with Russia will change the balance in the Middle East, and this will affect the entire region. The Black Sea will belong to Turkey and Russia.
A New Eurasian union led by Russia and Turkey will be announced soon.

Henry Kissinger has a word China and Russia will never stand side by side.

Researcher and Writer: Kanan Heydarov


Reference: The Order Will Change.


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