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Power Struggle.

Increasing Russian tensions in Eastern Europe.

Power struggle.

Political struggle. Global struggle.

This article was written to evaluate the critical events that occur today and is an impartial article.

Power Struggle.

The operation was launched through Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden.

Power Struggle.
Power Struggle.

Power Struggle. Hunter Biden’s situation is not ordinary, there is an operation in the background.
Leaked Phone records contain a lot of illegal and objectionable information and videos. This leaked information is a crime under US Federal Law and the FBI is dealing with it.

The global power wants to eliminate Joe Biden, and they do it through Hunter. They will replace Joe Biden with Kamala Harris, these events will most likely happen before the 2024 election.
A few weeks later, Joe Biden will resign due to the investigation to be started by the FBI and the news in the world press.

Russia and China may have a hand in these events.
Europe and NATO are being reshaped through the war in Ukraine, which means there will be new wars.

If we are realistic, Russia is winning its struggle with Europe for now, and Russia is hitting Europe with both energy and food. Considering that Russia is strong in military and nuclear terms, this struggle will be prolonged. Western powers want to limit and defeat Russia, but the current conditions are not suitable for this.

Global struggle. The global powers in Europe, America, and the UK are restructuring to fight against Russia and China, and they have made some changes within the state and removed some names from the game. We saw this first in the UK and secondly in the US.
Although Biden was partially successful in his domestic and foreign policy, he was unsuccessful in his struggle with Russia and China.
In a short time, we will see the news in the world’s leading press organs that make it clear that Joe Biden should resign.

The new balance of Politics in America. Power Struggle. Russian and Chinese intelligence are also working together in this direction. Biden started a 3-day visit to the Middle East Countries, Biden will gain nothing from this visit, and it is no coincidence that the Hunter Biden operation has now started.

Joe Biden’s unstable policy in the Middle East weakened the United States and this disturbed some lobbies and Republicans in the USA.
In the future, there is the 2024 election in America and there is a high probability that Trump will be elected, but some plans are being made to block Trump. In the event of a conflict between two major powers in America, the 2024 elections will have the last word. The departure of Joe Biden and the arrival of Kamala Harris will be a temporary solution by 2024.

Shinzo Abe’s death was also a message.

Power Struggle. Former Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, who was assassinated, said in a television program he participated in, that in the face of Russia’s nuclear threat, Japan should be open to nuclear weapons sharing, similar to that between the United States and NATO members.
He emphasized that Japan should be more active and defend itself. Prime Minister Fumio Kishida was against this proposal and stated that it was against the constitution of Japan.
It was no coincidence that the man who killed Shinzo Abeni was a former Japanese navy soldier.
No event in the world develops independently of each other.

Researcher and Writer: Kanan Heydarov
Resource: Power struggle.

Power Struggle.

Global Economic Crisis.

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