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New Territorial Wars Are Coming.

Increasing Russian tensions in Eastern Europe.

New Territorial Wars Are Coming.

New Territorial Wars Coming. New Territorial Wars. New Wars. Territorial Wars.

This article is unbiased.

New Territorial Wars Are Coming. The topic of this article is what will happen shortly.
China is waiting for the moment when the USA will be divided by experiencing internal conflicts in the 2024 elections.

The internal problems in the USA are getting bigger, there is internal instability, there are armed attacks almost every week and the security of the region is insufficient. These problems continue to increase. Inflation is rising rapidly in America, and the income of the middle section is falling and this is increasing the problems inside.
China The USA has 336 biological laboratories in 30 countries and asked why these laboratories are affiliated with the US Ministry of Defense and what they produce. Biological wars may occur shortly. This issue was first announced by Russia.

America is trying to limit China and Russia around the world.

New Territorial Wars Are Coming.
New Territorial Wars Are Coming.

The new balance of Politics in America. The US will decide on Africa, to limit Russia and China. China says I will be the one to set the standards for this new world.
China protects the middle-income stratum and inspects its companies in this area, but with this crisis, the middle class has become poor in many countries except China, and people are suffering a lot because of this crisis. Since China foresees these, it will say that its system will be better in the future, and China will set world standards. In terms of technology, China has developed a lot.

China needs the energy to be able to do these things, and it is growing rapidly and rapidly in the Chinese military infrastructure, which will provide it from Africa. The Chinese Navy is rapidly approaching the US Navy and it will pass.
Wherever China is going, the USA is going there to prevent China.

The new balance of Politics in America

There will not be a 3rd world war, but we will see cyber wars and regional wars and crises, the new alliance Eurasia Alliance is coming steadily.
Let’s look at the new war zones, War will be in Africa. Many countries in Africa follow anti-Western and pro-China and Russian policies.
A move will come to Turkey through Greece and it will turn into a regional conflict.
The issue of the inclusion of Cyprus in NATO will soon be on the agenda and this will increase tensions with Turkey.

Another war will be in the Balkans Sergey Lavrov has completed his preparations with Serbia and Turkey plays an important role in the Balkans. There will be a struggle in the Balkans, which will put Eastern Europe in trouble. Sergey Lavrov and General Sergey Shoigu discussed some issues with Turkey on the subject of Surya and New Eurasia and other issues.
Soon, Turkey will start an operation in Surya, after which tensions will arise in some critical areas.
Cyber ​​attacks will increase, and one or more of Elon Musk’s satellites will be hit by Russia or China because they pose a security risk.

There will be tension at the North Pole. This is the reason why Finland and Sweden are wanted to be included in NATO.
There is a very large natural energy source at the North Pole.
That means getting ready for war.


Referans: New Territorial Wars Are Coming

International Relations, Threat, and Geopolitics Analyst: Kanan Heydarov


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