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Mossad agent controversy in Iran.

Increasing Russian tensions in Eastern Europe.

Mossad agent controversy in Iran.


Mossad agent controversy in Iran. Mossad’s Iran Operation. Internal Tension in Iran.

This article is unbiased.

We’ve seen important people die in Iran lately.

Mossad agent controversy in Iran.
Mossad agent controversy in Iran.

Mossad agent controversy in Iran. It is said that many people are working for Mossad in Iranian government offices.
Muhsin Fahrizadeh is the principal investigator of Iran’s nuclear facilities.
It was recorded that Muhsin Fahrizadeh was killed with the help of artificial intelligence technology from space.

Distrust began to form in Iran, especially among the revolutionary guards.

Five important scientists who worked in Iran’s nuclear facilities in recent years lost their lives.
The most notable among the dead was the Commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards, Qassem Soleimani.
The Iranian state claims that Mossad agents somehow infiltrated the Iranian state.
The Mossad knows everything that is going on in Iran.
The internal security problem in Iran

Mossad agent controversy in Iran.

Iranian Intelligence Minister Mohammad Alevi said that they had previously informed the security forces that there would be an assassination attempt, but we informed the location of the operation 5 days before Fahrizadeh was killed.
However, the person who prepared the murder could not be caught.

Mohammed Alevi blames the revolutionary guards and the Iranian army for this.
There is a place in Tehran where people known for espionage activities on behalf of foreign countries are held.
The name of this prison is the prison of the house.

At the end of January 2018, a team broke into a warehouse near Tehran.
There were 32 safes here, but this team could only open 27 safes there.
Within 6 hours, they received half a ton of classified nuclear documents.
The team that did this could not be caught.

Then these documents came out of Israel.
Benjamin Netanyahu has disclosed these documents and some of the information they contain.
In April 2018, he presented the documents and announced that Muhsin Fakhrizadeh was the most important person in the Iranian nuclear project.
Hassan Rouhani accused Israel of stealing the documents and giving them to Trump.
He made this announcement in August of 2021.

Mossad has infiltrated many organs of Iran.

Iran has great concerns about the internal security of the state.

This situation deepens the problem of trust and creates instability in Iran.

Reference: Mossad agent controversy in Iran.

International Relations, Threat, and Geopolitics Analyst: Kanan Heydarov

DATA: 04.10.2022


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