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Meetings of agents in Italy and Singapore.

Increasing Russian tensions in Eastern Europe.

Meetings of agents in Italy and Singapore.


This article is unbiased. The new balance of Politics in Europe.

In this article, I will talk about the meeting held in Italy and Singapore with the participation of the intelligence agencies of several countries. 

Additional info: South America Summit.

Meetings of agents in Italy and Singapore.

Meetings of agents in Italy and Singapore.
Meetings of agents in Italy and Singapore.

An operation was held against the spies who were in a secret meeting at Lake Maggiore in the south of Italy.
Lake Maggiore is located between Italy’s Lombardy and Piedmont and the Swiss canton of Ticino.
21 It was very remarkable that the boat with high-level agents suddenly sank and 4 important names who were there died. The new balance of Politics in Europe

Of the 4 people who died, two were Mossad agents and two were Italian agents. The biggest common feature of these two dead Mossad agents is that they were high-level officials specialized in nuclear weapons and technology.
The names of the two Italian secret service employees who lost their lives in the news in the Italian press on this subject were Tiziana Barnobi (53 years old) and Claudio Alonzi (62 years old).

The fourth person killed in the incident was 50-year-old retired Mossad agent Simoni Erez. The name of the other deceased Mossad agent was kept secret, with no disclosure. The new balance of Politics in Europe

Russian media shared some information about this issue. It was said that there was talk of a UAV capable of carrying nuclear weapons at the meeting in Italy’s Lake Maggiore. According to Russia’s claim, Iran, China, and Russia were among the targeted countries. Some work was being done on the preparation of missiles capable of carrying a hybrid nuclear warhead.

Prosecutor Carlo Nocerino announced that 13 of those on the boat were Italian intelligence officers and 8 were Israeli agents. The new balance of Politics in Europe. Only the captain of the boat Claudio Carminati and his Russian wife did not work in the intelligence services.
The survivors quickly left the area and quickly left the scene, taking their personal belongings from their hotel rooms or the hospital where they were being treated. There was no record of those treated in hospitals. Evidence at the crime scene was lost.

The Italian government was not aware of this meeting, but Italian Intelligence knew about it.
A few hours after the incident took place, Israel drove its agents out of Italy.
Although his name appeared in Italian newspapers, the Israeli press did not cover the event.

In Singapore, intelligence officers from 20 countries came together and held a meeting.

The Singapore government was unaware of this meeting.

The meeting in Singapore was attended by US National Intelligence Director Avril Haines and a Chinese senior intelligence officer. The new balance of Politics in Europe
Intelligence officials in countries such as India and Pakistan attended this meeting. Russia was absent from this meeting. Many issues were discussed at the meeting.


Additional info: South America Summit

BRICS member Brazil held the ‘South America Summit’. While a consensus was reached for regional integration at the summit, a common currency proposal for the continent was brought to the agenda. It was proposed that the bloc formed by Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay pass to a common currency. The proposal is a continuation of the ‘de-dollarization’ policies. At the summit, Venezuela announced its membership request to the BRICS. Russia, China, and Brazil welcomed the request. The new balance of Politics in Europe.

While de-dollarization was the main agenda item at the ‘Asian Clearing Union (ACU)’ summit held in Iran last week, the new financial system, an alternative to SWIFT, which has gradually turned into a sanctioning tool, was also discussed. The ACU consists of the central banks of 9 countries, including India, Pakistan, and Iran.


International Relations, Threat, and Geopolitics Analyst: Kanan Heydarov

Title: Meetings of agents in Italy and Singapore.

Data: 09.06.2023

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