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Critical Events in the World.

Increasing Russian tensions in Eastern Europe.

Critical Events in the World.

Critical Events. Political Events in the World.

What happened after the Shanghai meeting?

I present to you an article on the events that took place after the Shanghai meeting.

This article is unbiased.

Subject Headings.

  • Critical Events in the World.
  • İnternal problems in Europe.
  • Decisions made by the United States.
  • Caucasus Plan of the USA.
  • US Mediterranean initiative.

Critical Events in the World.

Critical Events in the World.
Critical Events in the World.

Critical Events in the World. At the last meeting of the Shanghai community, critical decisions were made. These decisions made the USA very worried. The US says that the Shanghai Union was established to overthrow the order established by the West. The China Shanghai Cooperation Organization aims to develop relations with Asian countries in all aspects, he said.

The new balance of Politics in Europe. The United States was disturbed by Turkey’s participation in the Shanghai community meeting. Now the USA has taken some steps against Turkey.
The Financial Times published an article. The US and EU are concerned that Turkey’s banking industry is conducting fraudulent financial affairs and is helping Russia violate sanctions.

The U.S. has scrutinized the Turkish banks involved in Russia’s local payment system called Mir, and the EU union formed a team to investigate this issue.
A foundation is being prepared for the implementation of embargoes against Turkey, and this was the first step. In my previous post, I had already noted that this would happen.

This is what the US and EU want to say to Turkey: Turkey should stay away from China and not cooperate with Russia.

Critical Events in the World. The Shanghai organization will soon publish a statement, which will stipulate that the countries in the Shanghai organization will be able to trade in their currencies. Buddha will deal a big blow to the Dollar.

The US will say that Turkey is the reason for the failure of the embargoes against Russia in recent times. The first step was carried out through the Financial Times. Other media outlets are next. A great deal of pressure will be exerted against Turkey, and accusations will be made.

Internal Problems in Europe

Critical Events in the World. Europe’s internal problems continue to increase.
With the rise of right-wing parties in Europe, the balances in the EU are changing, and the factor causing this is Russia.
For example. In Sweden, the right-wing government won the elections. There is a similar situation in Italy, right-wing parties are rapidly rising in Europe.
The right-wing party in Italy said that we would reconsider the agreements signed with Europe.
Sweden may take a similar decision and this may cause the division of the European Union.
The EU called Hungary an undemocratic country. The reason was that Hungary protected the interests of its people and country by not applying an embargo on Russia.

This winter in Europe is going to be very harsh.

The industry of many EU countries, especially Germany, is heading towards a standstill. European countries introduced energy restrictions and warned the public, but some countries stated that they would not comply with these restrictions. Poland stated that it would not comply because the winter months are very cold due to the geographical conditions of the country.

There is an energy struggle in Europe and this affects the psychology of the society, which changes the sociology, and then this turns into popular revolts.

Critical Events in the World. People across Europe are in favor of the restoration of relations with Russia, and in the protests held in the Czech Republic, people demanded that relations with Russia be improved. Otherwise, the Energy crisis and inflation will put the middle-class people of Europe in a very difficult situation.
Gas and oil problems in Europe originate from Russia, especially European farmers especially need fertilizers from Russia to a great extent.

Decisions made by the United States.

Critical Events in the World. The United States has announced two new resolutions, and an additional resolution will be put to vote. Senator Lindsey Graham will present a bill to the Senate to include Russia in the category of states that support terrorism.
Biden made two decisions against China. The first decision prevented China’s investment in technology companies in the United States. The second is to provide 4 and a half billion dollars worth of weapons aid to Taiwan.

The US has categorized Taiwan as a reliable ally. This is a blow to the integrity of China. The US says it supports the one-China policy, but some decisions show it to be different.
Russia made a statement and said that if Ukraine hits Russia with long-range missiles provided by the USA, we will make the USA pay for it.

Caucasus Plan of the USA.

Critical Events in the World. At the time of the Shanghai community Meeting, there was a border conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia. This conflict was not in vain. Nancy Pelosi from the USA went to Armenia and stated that Turkey and Azerbaijan were responsible for the conflict.
The background of this statement was to reduce the power of Russia in the Caucasus and to win the vote of the Armenian lobby in the USA in the elections to be held in the USA.

Nancy Pelosi declared that the USA will support Armenia and they will work for peace in the region. The USA made a very strategic move here and attempted to separate Armenia from Russia and encircle Turkey. It is predicted that the number of US military bases in Armenia will increase.

The new balance of Politics in Europe. Russia will not allow this and will attempt to overthrow Pashinyan. He tried once before but failed. The fact that Pashinya is pro-Western worries Russia a lot.

It is unclear whether Pashinyan will recognize the mutual borders with Azerbaijan and sign the peace document. If Azerbaijan and Armenia agree, there will be peace in the region. If he doesn’t agree and fights, Armenia loses this war. Russia and China want peace in the region. Azerbaijan has an important place in China’s trade route project. Russia does not want the USA in the region.

We will see that there has been a Russian-backed coup with a popular uprising in Armenia recently. Or it could be an assassination against Pashinyan.

Critical Events in the World. The USA and EU listed Russia and China as hostile countries in the list of friendly and hostile countries. Turkey was not on the list of either friendly or enemy countries.
Russia, on the other hand, put most of the EU countries and the USA on the list of non-friendly countries it published.

US Mediterranean initiative.

Critical Events in the World. The US also lifted the arms embargo applied to the Greek Cypriot Administration, and arms sales to the Greek Cypriot Administration were approved. The reason for this is preparation for a possible conflict with Turkey shortly. At the same time, it is to limit Turkey’s activities in the Mediterranean Sea. Shortly, the USA will open a military base on the Greek Cypriot side. Turkey was besieged both in the Aegean Sea and in the Mediterranean.

Against this, Turkey held some talks with Russia and Russia appointed an ambassador to the TRNC. Russia will soon recognize the TRNC and start direct flights from Russia to the TRNC. Russia is expanding its relations with Turkey by growing even more. A new organization of Turkish states is being created and Russia supports it.

Critical Events in the World. The USA does not accept that Russia is a superpower. Russia has declared partial mobilization. Belarus made the army ready for war. The Serbian President said that a great war would be very soon.
We are in a process with an unpredictable end in the world.

Researcher and Writer: Kanan Heydarov
Source: Critical Events in the World.
Data: 21.09.2022


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