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What Will Be The Next Move?

Increasing Russian tensions in Eastern Europe.

What will be the next move?

Then, what will happen? What will happen in the world?

This article was written to evaluate the critical events that occur today and is an impartial article.
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What Will Be The Next Move?

What Will Be The Next Move?
What Will Be The Next Move?

What Will Be The Next Move?

There is an energy problem on the EU agenda. It is predicted that Russia will cut gas and oil in the winter. Germany is very worried. Coal power plants in the EU are starting to work again. Workers revolted in Holland and Macron in France has problems with the Parliament, the Italian foreign minister is establishing a new political party, the government in Bulgaria has fallen, Israel is going to elections, and the head of intelligence in Iran is dismissed.

At the BRICS meeting in China, China gave a message to the world, emphasizing that the sanctions imposed by the EU and the United States will have heavy consequences for the West and that this will also affect the world. Under the leadership of China and Russia, they want to create a new reserve currency alternative to the dollar. The BRICS association is making plans to switch to the SPFS, an alternative to SWIF.
There is rapidly rising inflation in Europe, and they live with energy and food problems.

Kaliningrad problem

The new balance of Politics in Europe. As Pope Francis said, we are in the 3rd world war. The struggle between Russia and the West over Ukraine will continue for a while.
We see regional wars spreading. Iran and Israel, Asia Pacific, Greece, and Turkey, Ethiopia, and Egypt, the problems are increasing in these regions, now the Kaliningrad problem has arisen. Due to the increasing global warming in the world, there have been fires in many countries, but of course, not all fires are due to global warming.

What Will Be The Next Move?
Hybrid wars continue in a multidimensional way, we have heard the news that cyber attacks have increased and cyber attacks have been organized against many organizations, especially in the last year.
It looks like there will be tension over Kaliningrad.

The EU and Russia got into tension over Kaliningrad, and Russia sent a note to Lithuania threatening war.
Thus, the war could spread to a wider region making Eastern Europe an unstable environment.
The Russian Foreign Ministry said that Lithuania’s move could be a justification for war.
Russia said that the 2002 EU treaty for Kaliningrad was violated and therefore Russia could act to protect its national interests.

Intervention by Russia in Lithuania would mean a war with NATO, which could start the 3rd world war.
Internal problems in Europe seem to grow. If we look at the events that took place, we can foresee that these events may have more than one result for the EU.
Russia has a large military presence in Kaliningrad and at the same time, it should be said that Russia’s Baltic navy base is in Kaliningrad and it has nuclear warhead rockets there.

Russia’s Statements on Turkey.

The new balance of Politics in Europe. Russia asked its citizens not to go to Turkey between 15 and 30 July and made another similar statement in Israel a week ago.
After Israel’s statement, 43 trips to Tel Aviv were made from Turkey.
Something is planned in Istanbul. Recently, there has been a lot of sharing about Turkey, especially about Istanbul.
ΠΕΝΤΑΠΟΣΤΑΓΜΑ He shared a post in the Greek newspaper.

Two weeks ago, a former commander from Greece said that we would hit the bridges in Istanbul with rockets. It was a message in Elon Musk’s Istanbul Tweet.

Putin gave the message that something can happen on July 15 and 30.
It seems that there will be tension between Greece and Turkey over the Aegean islands. We can mainly consider the increasing military preparation of Greece and the military agreements it has signed with France.

Meetings in Turkey

What Will Be The Next Move?

There will be interesting events in Turkey next month.
Turkey and Saudi Arabia met and there were conversations on some issues, and there will be talks between the UK and Turkey in the coming days.
The US treasury minister is going to Turkey, the issue is to prevent the money from going from Russia to Turkey. He will ask Turkey to impose sanctions on Russia.
James Jeffrey, one of the personal names of the USA, was in Greece, which means that there will be some events in Turkey shortly.
James Jeffrey emphasized that Turkey was right about the issue of islands in the Aegean.
Critical events will occur in the next 3 months.


Resource: What Will Be The Next Move?

Research and writer: Kanan Heydarov
Data 23.06.2022

What Will Be The Next Move?

The World Is Reshaping.


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