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The Economist’s 2024 magazine cover

Increasing Russian tensions in Eastern Europe.

The Economist’s 2024 magazine cover

War or Peace.
Let’s analyze the cover of The Economist 2024. I will interpret for you what messages The Economist’s 2024 cover gives us.
The magazine cover looks complicated, but it’s not.

There is a picture of Trump above the picture of Putin, so if Trump is elected, there will be peace, and above the picture of Zelensky, there is a picture of a woman, and if the woman is elected, the war will continue. The woman in the photo could be Kamala Harris. The new balance of Politics in America

The Economist’s 2024 magazine cover

The Economist's 2024 magazine cover
The Economist’s 2024 magazine cover

Everything will be decided by the elections in 70 countries of the world next year. Especially the elections in the United States.
The elections in Taiwan are likely to be won by the pro-Chinese party. If the pro-Chinese party wins the elections in Taiwan, it will reshape the global power plans in the West. China will peacefully integrate Taiwan and give Taiwan autonomy.

In other parts of the 2024 magazine cover

Artificial intelligence technology and precious metals will be at the forefront.
The single world state will be digital, not geographical, to manage humanity from one place.
The economic crisis will grow.
The struggle for power in space will continue.
Climate problems will also continue.
China is number one in electric car production. The US is turning to state capitalism.

If the US’s relationship with China is completely severed by the sanctions against China, including consumer electronics, consumers will want to produce products in the US. He stated that China will remain the world’s supplier in 2024. The new balance of Politics in America

In economic terms, the West will not cut interest rates or raise interest rates. There is a possibility that Europe will enter recession and China will enter deflation. The recession in Europe will trigger an economic crisis in other countries.

The struggle over resources will continue.

The focus will be on Latin America and Asia Pacific. There will be a struggle over four underground mines in the world: nickel, copper, lithium, and cobalt.

In 2024, all events will take place in South America and the Pacific. These four minerals are more abundant in this region.

The reason why the EU is not on the cover of the magazine is that there is no leader who can lead Europe. In other words, the EU is not a ruling power, but a ruled power. The new balance of Politics in America

Africa, the Middle East, and Europe are not mentioned in this magazine. The second cover will likely mention these issues.

The Economist’s 2024 magazine cover. The elections in 70 countries in 2024 will determine the geopolitical balance of power. The most important elections. US elections, EU parliamentary elections, Russian elections, and elections in the UK. Labour Party will come to power in the UK.

After the elections in the UK, Australia will be the first country to leave the British Commonwealth of Nations. Then Jamaica will first hold an independence referendum and then leave the British Commonwealth. Australia and Canada will want to leave the British Commonwealth. Not forgetting Scotland.
China will be at the forefront in 2024 and will fight with the USA.

The Economist’s analysis of the new year 2023.

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International Relations, Threat, and Geopolitics Analysis: Kanan Heydarov
Subject: The Economist’s 2024 magazine cover
Data: 19.11.2023

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