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Tensions between Greece and Turkey.

Increasing Russian tensions in Eastern Europe.

Tensions between Greece and Turkey.

In this article, I will describe the tension between Greece and Turkey without bias.
Greece has great concerns about Turkey.
Greece’s attitude towards Turkey is getting harder and harder. Greece’s tension with Turkey dates back to history and this tension is not new.

The new balance of Politics in Europe. In a news shared by Pentapostagma media, Greece’s most important media organ, Greece’s leading Admiral Engolfopoulos implicitly emphasized a dominant 48-hour operation against Turkey. We are very close to a Greek-Turkish war.

Recently, Greece’s breaking of the Lausanne and Paris agreements has also increased the tension in the Mediterranean region.
In addition, Greece shared a photo that includes the strategic locations of Turkey in case of war and the coordinates of these places.

Tensions between Greece and Turkey.

Tensions between Greece and Turkey.
Tensions between Greece and Turkey.

The new balance of Politics in Europe. Such behavior further increases tensions in the region and indicates preparation for war. The fact that the US constantly transfers military equipment and war materials to its military bases in Greece further complicates the situation. The area used to be quieter. But in the last 2 years, he’s gotten extremely nervous. 

Both Turkey and Greece accused each other of provocation.

The Greek Government reports that the US military bases in Greece are against Russia, but the shares of Greek military experts, bureaucrats, and media outlets show that these military bases are against Turkey. This is a very dangerous situation. Aleksis Çipras, the leader of the main opposition party in Greece, accused the Mitsotakis administration in this direction and emphasized that we should not enter into a fight with Turkey that we cannot win. r/world politics

Russia added Greece to the list of hostile countries a few months ago. Seeing Greece’s policies in the Mediterranean, Russia made agreements on the placement of air defense and new-generation radar systems to protect Turkey’s important facilities.

Cooperation between Turkey and Russia.

If Turkey leaves or is removed from NATO as a result of this agreement, the temporary NATO military bases in Turkey will not pose a threat to Turkey. The new balance of Politics in Europe

Greece is concerned about Turkey’s relationship with other Turkish countries and is warning in this direction. But as I mentioned in my old article. The Asian Union was formed by Russia, Turkey, and other Turkish countries, and its infrastructures are ready and the joint military structure of the Turkish countries has been completed. China supports this union. One road and one belt are important for the safety of his project.

Union of Turkish Countries.

Union of Turkish Countries.

They want Turkey to be removed from NATO, but Turkey is a very important country for NATO.
After the USA, the country with the largest army in NATO is Turkey. Turkey is also a rapidly developing country in the defense industry. Most recently, he tested a ballistic rocket with a range of over 1000km. It has passed the final stage in the production of its unmanned jet engine fighter aircraft. Its name is Kızılelma. This project of Turkey is a first in the world and this unmanned warplane is a 5th generation unmanned warplane. The Turkish defense industry has produced many successful technologies and war vehicles so far. 

Turkey is one of the 10 countries that can produce such military technologies worldwide.
When we look at Greece, we see that Turkey does not have an infrastructure that can challenge its military defense infrastructure. Greece indeed has technological weapons, but as a result, Greece is not a producing country. The important thing is to produce. The new balance of Politics in Europe

It is clear that Greece is very uncomfortable and worried about Turkey’s military defense industry, and the Greek media is reporting and talking about this almost every day. 
Greece claimed that it produced a Minotaur laser system and that it could stop Turkish UAVs. However, no information and images about how successful he was were shared with the media.

The new balance of Politics in Europe. Greece is uncomfortable with the Russian-made S400 air defense system in Turkey, and America has removed Turkey from the F35 program because of these S400s, but Greece actively uses the Russian-made S300. Turkey wants the money paid to the USA within the framework of the F35 program to be met by receiving the F16, and there are discussions on this issue.

Greece strongly opposes the granting of Turkey’s F16. 
If we look briefly at the situation, the Lausanne and Paris agreements were broken. The arming of the islands, which are described as demilitarized according to Lausanne, by Greece means the breach of the Lausanne agreement. Greece wants to increase its territorial waters to 12 miles, which is a direct cause of war for Turkey.

There will be an inevitable battle between Turkey and Greece to reshape the rules. If Turkey wins at the end of the war, the islands will come under Turkey’s control and Turkey will determine the maritime borders. If Greece wins the war, then Turkey’s rights in the Mediterranean will be restricted and Greece will make its territorial waters 12 miles. Both sides are ready for war, especially Turkey is ready to defend.

The new balance of Politics in Europe. Greece has declared that it does not recognize the maritime border agreement between Turkey and Libya and that it wants to make an agreement with Egypt in this direction. Greece held talks with Libya. He held talks with Egypt in Turkey. The positive negotiations between Turkey and Egypt disturbed Greece. Greece also held talks with Israel, but Israel gave the signal that it would not risk its relations with Turkey. Greece did not get the desired result exactly.

In addition. Greece announced that it would search for gas drilling by not accepting the maritime borders agreement between Libya and Turkey and declaring it neutral.
This further increased the tension. 
When we look at the Greek media, we see what they are uncomfortable with.
Greek media also shared posts targeting Turkey’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.
This disturbed the Turkish authorities. This is one of those posts.

The fact that Greece shared this media channel in line with the policies of the country caught my attention, and these are not peaceful posts. The new balance of Politics in Europe
These are very dangerous and alarming posts.

When I looked at the Turkish media, I saw what they talked about briefly.
The Turkish media is talking about the land operation they will organize in Surya.
Turkey shares news about Turkey-Ukraine relations, Turkey-Russia relations, Terror, Iran, Turkey-Egypt relations, the Economy, the Food Crisis, Europe’s Energy issue, and Turkey’s defense industry. I did not encounter any news against Greece.  The new balance of Politics in Europe

I realized that there is not much news about Greece in the Turkish media.
There does not appear to be an aggressive media perception against Greece in Turkey.
The perception of war that has been created is huge here and it makes this region unstable. 
Compliance with the Lausanne and Paris agreements is very important for maintaining peace in the region.
Tensions between Greece and Turkey. Again, I remind you that this article is unbiased and was written to investigate the tension and its cause.

Researcher and Author: Kanan Heydarov.
Subject: Tensions between Greece and Turkey.
Date: 30.11.2022

Tensions between Greece and Turkey.

Intelligence Challenge.

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