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Red Lines Crossed.

Increasing Russian tensions in Eastern Europe.

Red Lines Crossed.

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  • Red Lines Crossed.
  • China’s Mediation Initiatives.
  • The last war in Ukraine.
  • What’s going on in the Asia Pacific?
  • Crisis in America.
  • Trump crisis in the USA.
  • İmportant announcement

Red Lines Crossed.

Red Lines Crossed.
Red Lines Crossed.

After the Second World War, the entire order established began to collapse.
Russia shot down a US drone.
Two NATO member countries will give warplanes to Ukraine, this can be turned into a 3rd world war.
Russia announced that they would destroy the warplanes that would be given to Ukraine.
“We see that the power against us is NATO and the United States,” he said.

The International Criminal Court ruled on Putin’s arrest. From these decisions, we see that someone is thinking a lot about how to start the Third World War. This is one of the signs that a great global war is near.

China’s Mediation Initiatives.

The new balance of Politics in the Middle East. Last week, China reconciled Iran with Saudi Arabia and drew the reaction of the United States. This action by China could greatly harm US interests in the Middle East.

This will weaken the global strength of the dollar. Trade in the Middle East can now be realized with the use of the national currencies of each country. China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Iran have traded several times using national currencies. China aims to reduce US power in the Middle East.

At the meeting between Putin and Xi Jinping, Putin said that Asian, Latin American, and 40 African states are ready to trade with the Chinese Yuan. On the same day, officials from nearly 40 African states were in Russia. At their meeting in Moscow, Putin, and Xi Jinping planned what kind of strategy they would implement in the new world order to be established.

The new balance of Politics in the Middle East. China said Russia is our strategic partner and made a statement that we will act jointly. China’s correction of the situation between Saudi Arabia and Iran negatively affected many of the US plans in the Middle East. Now, Saudi Arabia has started negotiations with Syria and Saudi Arabia will open a consulate in Syria. The Syrian leader went to Russia, and then the UAE went and said let’s solve the problems in the region among ourselves. This will limit the hegemony of the USA in the Middle East. Russia and China are establishing a new order with the Middle East countries.

The Turkish defense minister met with the Iraqi defense minister. Saudi Arabia invited the President of Iran to his country. Iran accepted this invitation. Iran signed a border security agreement with Iraq.
These developments in the Middle East are making the USA very uncomfortable.
There will be some warning operations against Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Iran.
Mohammed bin Salman will be on target.

The new balance of Politics in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia wants to be a member of the Shanghai and BRICS union. Turkey and Iran want to join the BRICS.
The operations to be carried out by the USA will be against the new order that Russia and China have started together with the Middle East countries. There will be some operations for the old order to know the duration.

In addition, China creates the perception that the USA is a pro-war state and interferes in the internal affairs of every country, and the US does not want peace in the region. China says, look, I made peace between Iran and Saudi Arabia. I’m trying to make peace between Ukraine and Russia, but the USA supports the war.

The last war in Ukraine.

Russia will launch a major offensive against Ukraine in the first spring and after this attack, there will be a peace treaty. As I wrote in my previous articles, it will be Ukraine itself that loses this war and suffers the most. The biggest gains from this war will be the USA and Russia.
With this war, the USA showed the whole of Europe that it was the only indisputable power over the EU.
Russia expanded its trade with China and India and made many agreements in the Asian region.

Since the Ukraine war started, we see that the Russian economy has grown so far. Many Western economists and politicians said that Russia would enter a great economic crisis, but it did not happen. It was the EU itself that entered the crisis.

What’s going on in the Asia Pacific?

The USA is preparing for a war with China over Taiwan, but this war may not go as planned by the USA. Many US generals and parliamentarians were saying and writing that there would be a war with China.

Although the US has said many times that they recognize the one-China policy, the US President did not look at it and said that we will defend Taiwan in case of a possible Chinese attack on Taiwan.

For the first time since the 1949 Chinese Civil War, a former Taiwanese President goes to China. China plans to win elections in Taiwan so it can bind Taiwan to China through legal agreements.

Crisis in America.

Red Lines Crossed. When we look at all these events, we do not notice anything important, the crisis within the USA itself. The crisis, which started with Trump and continues, is showing its effect in every area of the USA. Globalists in the USA are struggling with each other. We see that the economic and financial crisis in the 3 big banks that went bankrupt in the USA continues to grow. The problem of the USA is in itself.

The USA wants to take an important place in the new world order that is being established in the world. The dollar may no longer be a global power and will be replaced by a digital global currency.
There is a global mind here. For the world to switch to a new global digital common reserve currency, the dollar must not be a reserve currency. This includes the financial crisis in the USA.

Red Lines Crossed. A Blockchain-based financial system will emerge in the future, and a WEP3-based world system is being created. It is necessary to overthrow the old order. All these events that are happening now show that the old order is no longer sustainable and the time for change has come.

UN, FED, and many institutions and organizations will be reshaped. This order, which was established after the 1945 war, is now falling apart. Wars have now turned into hybrid wars and continue through proxy states. By 2045, a new multipolar world system will be established.

Trump crisis in the USA.

What will happen if Trump is arrested?

Red Lines Crossed. There are many accusations against Trump. What happens if Trump is arrested? The arrest of the opposition leader will be a first in the United States, which will deal a major blow to US democracy. The divisions within the USA will increase and this will turn into a major crisis.

This can greatly contribute to Trump’s stronger re-election as president.

Kevin McCarthy of the US House of Representatives said that if Trump is arrested, we will cut the budget of the Justice Department.

Red Lines Crossed. Ron DeSantis, who may be an alternative to Trump in the Presidential elections, may lose the elections. If Trump is arrested and comes out before the Presidential elections, there is a possibility that he will be elected President. All Republicans will see a victimized Trump, which will strengthen Trump.

İmportant announcement

The new balance of Politics in the Middle East. Turkey and Iraq will build a transport corridor over the Persian Gulf without Iran. The transportation corridor will consist of a 1200 km long highway and railway. This project is very important for a road and a generation project.

Red Lines Crossed. As a result of Iran’s aggressive attitude and an unmanned aerial vehicle attack on the US military base, 1 engineer and 5 US soldiers died. Thereupon, US and Israeli warplanes bombed Iran’s military bases in Syria. Iran’s aggressive attitudes and pro-war exits in the Middle East pose a great risk for Iran.

International Relations, Threat, and Geopolitics Analyst: Kanan Heydarov
Subject: Red Lines Crossed.
Data: 23.03.2023

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