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Peacetime Time for Dialogues.

Increasing Russian tensions in Eastern Europe.

Peacetime Time for Dialogues.

This article is unbiased.
Peacetime. In this article, the conflict of global powers, the visits of senior US officials to Asian countries, the critical developments in the Middle East, the internal unrest in Europe, and the stalemate in the Ukraine war are described.
The article analyzes how the global powers are competing for influence and resources in various regions, and how their actions affect the security and stability of the world.

Peacetime. The article also examines the role of the US as a leader and mediator in these conflicts, and how its diplomatic efforts are received by its allies and adversaries. The article provides an overview of the main events and challenges that shape the current geopolitical landscape and offers some insights and perspectives on the possible outcomes and implications.

Yesterday the President of Iran made a statement.

The Iranian President said that the West came at us with all its might but could not destroy our economy and we will not give in to the demands of the West and we will not retreat from the struggle.
Iran is currently having some talks with the United States. The US is uncomfortable with Iran being a member of BRICS and is very worried about China’s initiatives in Iran. Especially China has solved the problem between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Peacetime. This does not suit US interests. China wanted to establish a joint Gulf security project with Iran and the Gulf countries, but the US prevented this project by sending its aircraft carrier and warships to the Gulf. After Iran, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Egypt became BRICS members. This situation worried the US very much. An organization against the US was being established in the Middle East.

The main purpose of the US negotiations with Iran is to keep Iran under its control by making some concessions to Iran. These concessions include releasing Iran’s frozen assets, renegotiating the nuclear deal, reducing sanctions on Iran, and taking Iran back into the Western market. The US wants to take Iran back.

Peacetime. In negotiations with Saudi Arabia, the US offered to enable Saudi Arabia to become a nuclear power in exchange for refraining from expanding its dealings with China. Subsequently, China declared its intention to construct a nuclear power station in Saudi Arabia. The Middle East is presently witnessing a significant contest between the US and China.

US diplomacy in Asia.

BRICS is considered to be one of the fastest-rising powers, challenging the dominance of the West.
The United States has shown an increasing interest in Asian countries, with Joe Biden scheduled to visit Vietnam on September 10th. Moreover, an additional US official is set to visit Mongolia.
During their recent visit to China, the US Secretary of State, Treasury Secretary, and Secretary of Commerce advocated for continuing trade in line with US interests.

Peacetime. The British foreign minister traveled to China. The main reason why both the US and the UK went to China at the same time was the economic crisis in China. The ruling staff of these three countries are globalists and the economic crisis in one of these countries affects all globalists, so they went to help China.

Middle East in turmoil.

The United States is currently in talks with Iran, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and Turkey. The International Monetary Fund and the United Nations have also held discussions with Turkey. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will similarly travel to Turkey for talks related to the proposed natural gas line from Israel to the European Union. The new balance of Politics in Europe

Wagner announced his withdrawal from Libya and Syria and Arab tribes in Syria started military operations against PKK, PYD, and YPG. Arab tribes want to expel PKK, YPG, and PYD from the region. Turkey supports the Arab tribes in the region through Turkmen tribes. Russia and Turkey agreed on Libya and Syria and Wagner troops left the region.

Africa is in turmoil.

Wagner troops from Syria and Libya will be deployed in the Sahel regions.
There was a coup in Gabon today and France was expelled from Gabon.
These revolts will have a domino effect all over Africa.
The general who made the coup in Gabon is a US loyalist.
Peacetime. Furthermore, the European Union appears to be gradually losing its influence across the continent and is beginning a withdrawal from Africa.

Everything is getting clear.

Peacetime. The Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, recently granted an interview to a US media outlet.
The US journalist asks Viktor Orba i is it true that the EU is winning the war in Ukraine and Russia islosingn.? Viktor Orban replies that this information is a lie, Ukraine is being destroyed and the world is heading towards the 3rd world war. The only salvation of the world is Trump.

The new balance of Politics in Europe. The EU and USA are reevaluating their stance on the conflict in Ukraine.
Ukraine’s big offensive has failed. Ukraine has advanced only 20 kilometers in a few months. The West is now aware of everything. It has been more than a year and the West has failed to make any major gains in its war against Russia in Ukraine. Now the time is approaching to sit at the table for peace.

Peacetime. This war has damaged Europe both economically and in terms of internal order. European people are very angry about this situation and internal unrest is increasing. In the last few months, the number of protests against the Ukrainian war has increased in Europe. Even a NATO spokesman said in his press statement that Ukraine should end this war by making territorial concessions to Russia.

Ukraine war.

It seems that everyone realizes that there is no end to this war. The people of Europe and Ukraine are suffering the most. The war is nearing its end. Ukraine’s drone attacks on Russia do not mean anything very big. As a result of Ukraine’s drone attack on Russia, a few apartment blocks were damaged, but in Russia’s attack on Ukraine, cities were destroyed. The new balance of Politics in Europe

Russia’s reaction to Ukraine’s 3-5 drone attacks is getting stronger day by day and Russia is raining rockets on Ukraine. If Ukraine continues to attack Russia with drones, Russia could raze Kyiv to the ground. Yesterday Russia landed rocket blows on Kyiv.
With the rise of right-wing parties in Europe, the balance will no longer be the same.
If Trump were to win the election, it is possible that the Ukrainian war could end shortly.

It is worth noting that some Democrats agree with this stance, believing that it is not in the best interests of the United States to continue to fund Ukraine without any tangible benefits. The new balance of Politics in Europe

This viewpoint is shared by both Republicans and certain Democrats. Peace talks aimed at resolving the conflict in Ukraine are planned for the end of the year. It is important to acknowledge that Ukraine has become a site for testing military technology, such as drones.

Researcher and Author: Kanan Heydarov
Subject: Peacetime
Date: 1.09.2023

Peacetime Time for Dialogues.

Before the G20 summit.

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