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Global Power Struggle

Increasing Russian tensions in Eastern Europe.

Global Power Struggle

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Global Power Struggle. This article discusses the recent visits of US President Joe Biden and UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak to Israel and the implications for regional and global politics. It analyzes the motives and interests of both leaders in strengthening their ties with Israel, as well as the challenges and opportunities they face in dealing with the complex issues of security, diplomacy, trade, and human rights in the Middle East. It also examines the role of the US military presence in Israel and the Mediterranean, and how it affects the balance of power and the conflicts among the major actors in the area.

Global Power Struggle

Global Power Struggle
Global Power Struggle

The arrival of US President Joe Biden in Tel Aviv on Air Force One was met with great anticipation. Before his arrival, both Secretary of State Blinken and CENTCOM had also been present. Global Power Struggle

Global Power Struggle. The President’s visit to Israel was aimed at projecting global influence through his powerful words. The warm welcome given to the President was a testament to the importance of his visit.

Upon landing, Biden was welcomed by Israeli President Isaac Herzog, Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu, and other esteemed officials who had assembled to greet him.

Biden is landing and I came to Israel with one message, you are not alone.
Two great global powers were fighting over Israel. One of them is the United States and the other is the power that wants to establish the new order. This power is also the power that created China. The United States and the mind behind it were fighting China and the global mind behind it.


Global Power Struggle. After Biden, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Rishi Sunak, landed in Tel Aviv by plane. None of the senior officials from Israel came to welcome Rishi Sunak. The majority of those who came were British diplomats in Israel. Rishi Sunak, who arrived after Biden, was given a message of why did you come.
Another critical message was also given here.

Before Prime Minister Rishi Sunak landed in Tel Aviv, hundreds of people were protesting in Downing Street, where the Prime Minister’s Office is located in London, against the hospital attack in Gaza.

Britain was announcing that it would take steps through Turkey, Egypt, and Qatar to solve the problem in Israel.
Israeli President Isaac Herzog’s dialogue with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak was remarkable and Isaac Herzog was giving a message to Rishi Sunak.

The BBC was an important media worldwide, especially the voice of the UK, so President Isaac Herzog sent a message that it should be corrected and that Hamas should be defined as a terrorist organization on this platform as well. The BBC was broadcasting news against Israel. Israel responded to the BBC through social media.
Israel’s closeness with the US was disturbing the global mind on the other side. In essence, a message was given to Israel through the BBC. The new balance of Politics in the Middle East

As a result of the aforementioned attack, however, this balance was disrupted and the US took center stage.
Before the Hamas terrorist organization’s strike against Israel, Israel was maintaining a well-constructed foreign policy between both global powers. The United States possessed knowledge of this fact, hence providing unrestricted support to Israel where military operations were concerned. As a result of the aforementioned attack, however, this balance was disrupted and the US took center stage.

The prevailing balances in that specific area of the world were much more intricate and extensive than previously disclosed.
When Rishi Sunak was courteously received at the Israeli airport without a diplomatic entourage, it conveyed the implicit message to the United Kingdom that the significance of their position had been essentially diminished.
Israel was telling Britain to show its side. The new balance of Politics in the Middle East

There was a huge intelligence war in the region. While the US took the side of Israel, Britain was in a dilemma.
If you look at the events locally, there would not be much to understand. Therefore, it is necessary to look from a global dimension. The point reached now revealed that what happened would be inevitable.


The conflict between the Great Powers had a widespread impact.
The crucial stance and policies of significant nations like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey, and Iran were paramount.
Yoram Cohen, previously in charge of Israel’s Internal Intelligence Service, believed that eliminating Hamas was necessary to uphold Israel’s reputation. On the contrary, Lindsey Graham asserted that any attack from Hezbollah on Israel and the resulting threat would have consequences for Iran. The new balance of Politics in the Middle East
It is challenging to anticipate Iran’s actions, but I doubt that Iran will initiate any conflict with the US.
The attitude of the Middle East countries is important.

The Hamas terrorist group did not operate the Israel attack independently. The conflict within Israel is a battle for control and authority, where Hamas was employed to serve as a means to those ends, with the US coming to Israel’s aid, delivering a definite message of support towards Israel’s cause.

Global Power Struggle. Only with power can you disrupt the plan to be implemented in the region and this is what the US is doing. The anticipation of the US entering the region was expected. As previously mentioned, the main topic is not the tensions between Israel and Hamas, rather it is the ongoing power struggle between China and the US. In the Asia Pacific, the US has initiated a maneuver to encircle China and is in the process of planning an attack.

Global Power is attempting to curb the advancement of the US in the Asia Pacific and is creating conflicts in different areas to assist China in buying more time. China has minimal chances of winning against the US, but it can cause substantial harm to America. It is already well-known that defeating the USA is not a plausible outcome. If the United States were to engage in armed conflict with China, it would suffer significant repercussions. Such a war would upend the post-World War II global order, which was established by the United States, and usher in a new era of international relations. The new balance of Politics in the Middle East

There is a distraction plan set up for the US here. Even though the US thinks that it is gaining, it is not exactly gaining. Just as the global mind stalled the US in Afghanistan for 20 years and made China a giant during these 20 years, now it wants to implement a similar plan again. The US realized China after 20 years and when it did, it left Afghanistan in one day. After 20 years of struggle, the Taliban took control of Afghanistan.

To comprehend the events, it is imperative to scrutinize the global geopolitical disputes meticulously.

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International Relations, Threat, and Geopolitics Analysis: Kanan Heydarov
Subject: Global Power Struggle
Data: 25.10.2023

Global Power Struggle

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Global Power Struggle

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