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Intelligence Challenge.

Increasing Russian tensions in Eastern Europe.

Intelligence Challenge.

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Subject headings.

  • Meeting of intelligence agents in Ankara.
  • Possible US-Russian agreement.
  • There is a G20 meeting in Indonesia.
  • Is Russia’s withdrawal from Kherson a strategy or a concession?
  • Europe’s energy and supply shortage.
  • The rocket crashed inside Poland.

Meeting of intelligence agents in Ankara.

Intelligence Challenge.
Intelligence Challenge.

The new balance of Politics in Europe. The head of US Intelligence and the heads of Russian Intelligence met in Turkey.
At first, Russian intelligence and US intelligence met on several issues and discussed what could be done to end the Ukraine war.
Disturbed by this meeting,  a force carried out a terrorist attack in the center of Istanbul. It was a message.

Let’s open up a little bit. There is preliminary preparation for a peace meeting in Ankara. When Russian and American intelligence met in Turkey, there was a terrorist incident in Istanbul. This terror incident was aimed at disrupting Turkey’s internal dynamics. After the terror incident, many profiles targeting immigrants and foreigners appeared on social media in Turkey, this incident directly targeted Turkey’s internal system.
“We got the message,” said the Turkish interior minister. Reimbursement will be given.
Intelligence Challenge. Turkey may carry out a military operation in Northern Syria or Northern Iraq shortly.

The message to Turkey was clear. Some people do not want the war to end, they are uncomfortable with Turkey’s mediation and the peace table it has established.
Britain was very disturbed by the meeting of the US and Russian intelligence held in Ankara, Turkey.
In this war, neither side got exactly what it wanted. Whether it’s Western countries or Russia, this war has caused great troubles around the world, and that’s why the war must end.
The Ukrainian war will end. After winter, this war ends.

Possible US-Russian agreement.

Assumption: Another possible topic to be discussed at the Intelligence meeting in Ankara was China. China poses a great risk for both Russia and the USA and must be stopped. There is uneasiness in Russia against China. They will end the war in Ukraine short time.
A possible deal might look like this. Krim, Donetsk, Lugansk will remain in Russia. Kherson will remain in Ukraine and an agreement will be reached.

Intelligence Challenge. The reason for this is to take a precaution against China, which is the biggest risk. In return for the end of the war in Ukraine, the USA will offer an agreement from Russia against China. China is a major threat to both countries. We may see work in this direction between the USA and Russia in the future.

There is a G20 meeting in Indonesia.

The new balance of Politics in Europe. The Chinese president and the US president held a meeting in Indonesia.
The US-China meeting in Indonesia seems to be a kind of temporary ceasefire.
Both the US meeting with Russia in Ankara and the meeting between China and the US in Indonesia have a great meaning.

If Russia and the USA agree in the meeting in Turkey, Russia may give up on China.
If China and the US reach an agreement, it means that China can give up on Russia.
The US cannot fight both China and Russia at the same time.
The real desire of the USA is to reach an agreement with Russia and stop China. Recently, the US perspective on Russia has begun to change.

In addition, several senior executives working for the Chinese state but close to the City of London were purged by Xi Jinping.

Is the Russian withdrawal from Kherson a strategy or a concession?

The new balance of Politics in Europe. Russia began to lose the war in Ukraine. Ukraine, which received the support of Western states, strongly resisted Russia and weakened the perception of a Strong Russia. On land, Russia can no longer wage war against Ukraine, and Russia can only wage war against Ukraine by air strikes. Russia may be preparing for Winter by withdrawing from Kherson and planning to buy time to develop a new strategy.

At the same time, Russia and the USA made a negotiation in Turkey, and the way that the meeting will progress will affect the course of this war. Russia is now preparing for a war in the Donbas region. Whoever wins this war will have a stronger hand at the peace table.

Intelligence Challenge. The month of winter plays a very critical role for Russia. The aim of Russia against the EU by playing the energy card with the coming of the winter month is to turn the war in Ukraine in its favor. In this, by creating a line of defense outside of Kherson, the winter will wait and develop a new strategy. But everything depends on whether the US and Russia can get along or not.

Europe’s energy and supply shortage.

Intelligence Challenge. The Netherlands stated that it would not comply with the sanctions imposed by the USA and the EU on Russia. This means that the EU has pierced the embargoes against Russia through the Netherlands.
Europe complains that the liquefied gas purchased from the USA is expensive, which causes the countries in the alliance to disagree. The EU is worried about the uprising of the European people. Increasing energy and food prices and the inflation experienced caused a decrease in living conditions. The people of the middle class are very uncomfortable with this situation and we are seeing protests and strikes in many countries. Russia is waiting for the month of winter for peace talks.

The new balance of Politics in Europe.The meeting between China and the USA in Indonesia and the meeting between the US and Russia bits of intelligence in Turkey may also affect this situation.
Russia can make peace with Western countries, but it does not make peace with Ukraine, it only makes a ceasefire.


The USA realized how difficult Europe was in terms of energy and saw how dependent it was on Russia. The USA will prepare the ground for an agreement with Russia in order not to lose Europe. In his meeting with China, he emphasized that he supports the one-China policy and is in favor of peace. If the USA can agree with both China and Russia, this will also affect the 2024 elections. The USA took the first step.

The rocket crashed in Poland.

Intelligence Challenge. Great states do not easily fight each other. Someone wants to involve NATO in this war and they want to globalize the war.
The new balance of Politics in Europe. The first step of this started with a rocket hitting Poland. The Pentagon said it will investigate the matter. The White House reported that the rocket that hit Poland did not belong to Russia and said it was a mistake.

It was stated that it could be a rocket belonging to a Ukrainian air defense system. A rocket fired from Ukraine was supposed to destroy a rocket from Russia, but it accidentally crashed inside Poland.
Russia says it has not fired missiles at Poland.
Someone is making a big effort to bring NATO into the war.

Researcher and Writer: Kanan Heydarov.
Subject: Intelligence Challenge.
Date: 17.11.2022

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